The performance of the shooter woman after giving up, no longer take the initiative to contact!

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Sagittarius is a cheerful and freedom-loving constellation, but when she lost an important person, she showed a mentality of "giving up and not taking the initiative to contact".

The performance of the shooter woman after giving up, no longer take the initiative to contact!

We need to make it clear that it is very easy for Sagittarius women to give their all in their feelings, and it is difficult to forget their past love. Once she feels hurt or not cherished, she will become very cold and even hate each other, instead of taking the initiative to contact.

Sagittarius women are not good at dealing with complicated emotional problems. They prefer a simple and clear attitude and value the sincerity of emotions rather than appearance and form. When she thinks there is a problem in their relationship, she will face it calmly, but more likely, she will choose to escape and remain silent.

The shooter's self-esteem is also very strong. If she feels that the other person doesn't cherish herself or is not good enough for herself, she will automatically give up chasing and stay away from the other person. If you disappoint the Sagittarius girl in your feelings, don't expect her to contact you on her own initiative.

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Sagittarius women are a very rational constellation. They can keep themselves emotionally, but they are also a vulnerable constellation. When they are hurt or disappointed, they will choose silence and solitude instead of attacking each other or continuing to pursue actively. If you do something wrong, apologize to Sagittarius women in time and show your sincerity, because they don't like to complain, but they can easily forgive and accept your apology.

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