Why are you a topic terminator, Learn this idea and become a chat expert.

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In daily social interaction, chatting with people is an important way of communication. Chatting content can not only broaden our social circle, but also increase our knowledge wealth and cultivate our language ability and thinking ability. In the process of chatting, some people will appear the so-called "topic terminator", commonly known as "chatter", which always makes the whole chat atmosphere awkward and boring. It is very important to master some skills and ideas and become a flexible chat expert.

Why are you a topic terminator, Learn this idea and become a chat expert.

First, put yourself in the other's shoes and grasp the topic

In chatting, we should start from the interest and angle of the other party and try not to talk about some extreme and extreme topics, such as politically sensitive topics. We can grasp the style and taste of the chat object by observing its words and deeds and manners, and add color to the chat.

For example, we can try to talk about some attractive topics, such as tourism, food and so on. These topics are similar to teppanyaki, which allows us to barbecue together and enjoy the beauty of the desert.

In chatting, we don't have to just talk about light topics. For example, we can talk about the problems encountered by colleagues at work, discuss hot topics in the workplace, and increase our work experience and ideas.

In chatting, we should keep an open mind, be good at empathy, seize every opportunity and start a topic to make the chatting atmosphere more natural, relaxed and pleasant.

Why are you a topic terminator, Learn this idea and become a chat expert.

Second, actively listen and express your views

In chatting, we can often help to ease the deadlock by listening. Pay attention to the other person's point of view in the conversation, especially for some things we don't understand, we can ask more questions to understand the other person's thoughts and feelings, so as to make better plans for our future chat. In chatting, we can also express our views, on the one hand, we can increase our right to speak in chatting, on the other hand, we can increase our thinking ability and expression ability at the moment of speculation.

Before expressing your opinions, you need to pay attention to factors such as time, occasion and tone. Don't be too subjective and emotional, and don't take advantage of the discourse too much, which will affect the atmosphere of the chat.

We should pay attention to strength and manners. While listening to each other's emotions and real thoughts, we should express our views and opinions, find a balance point, actively promote the development of the topic, and strengthen our connection with others.

Third, pay attention to the coordination of words, deeds and expressions

in chatting, our image is also very important. We need to pay attention to the coordination of words and deeds and expressions, strengthen our image in the hearts of others, and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions.

For example, if our tone of voice is too intense or emotional, it will easily arouse the resentment of others. If our usual image temperament is relatively low-key, but when we are too formal in chatting and don't know how to give feedback and response, it will also make it difficult for the topic to move forward.

In chatting, we should not only master the general chatting skills, but also pay attention to some small details. We can pay attention to the coordination and interaction between expressions and actions, and slowly improve our image and temperament, and expand our expressive force and charm in chatting.

Fourth, constantly improve self-cultivation and self-restraint

in chatting, it is very important to improve self-cultivation and quality. We can broaden our horizons by reading and watching, and try to master some high-quality chat skills. Constantly change yourself, adjust your language and behavior in the thoughts and interests of others, and constantly gain people's sympathy and support.

In the process of self-cultivation and self-cultivation, we can learn from some details in our lives, such as learning from the future trends, improving our professional quality and increasing our industry competitiveness.

In chatting, we need to constantly improve our quality, and make details and perfection. We can try to master some basic chat skills, pay attention to the coordination between our language behavior and words and deeds, and seek better performance in chat by constantly improving ourselves.

Why are you a topic terminator, Learn this idea and become a chat expert.

5. Keep learning, make progress and grow

We need to keep learning and making progress in order to make ourselves better. We can learn by ourselves through course study and reading, so as to constantly pursue the goal of progress and growth. This is the basic premise of all success, and it is also the rapid enrichment of language ability and thinking ability.

At the conclusion, I would like to say that chatting well helps to produce good emotional and psychological feelings, and at the same time helps us to increase our work and life experience, deepen our interpersonal relationship, create our own road to success, and integrate ourselves into reality with a positive attitude, so as to realize our own vision and ideals.

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