Three ways to identify fake singles, so that men have nowhere to hide!

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In the media environment, some men will pretend to be single to cope with different occasions. The method of identifying fake singles is actually very simple, leaving men with nowhere to hide.

Three ways to identify fake singles, so that men have nowhere to hide!

Method 1: Check social media accounts

On modern social networks, local tyrants always have a bunch of female fans. If his account clearly shows that he has a girlfriend or is married, or even eats and travels with a female partner, then he is likely to be pseudo-single. It doesn't rule out that he does have a girlfriend, but he wants to gain women's attention online.

Method 2: Ask mutual friends

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If you have some friends in common with this man, you might as well ask these friends if they have heard of his girlfriend or wife. If friends haven't heard of it, then this man is probably pseudo-single. This is also an opportunity to collide with scheming and lies. If this is the case, this man's reputation in the circle of friends may be destroyed.

method 3: intuitive feeling method

Three ways to identify fake singles, so that men have nowhere to hide!

sometimes your intuition tells you that this man looks like a pseudo-single. If he drinks in nightclubs or bars and glances at the women around him from time to time, then he gives people a feeling that he doesn't look very good, or this single man is likely to be hypocritical.

the method of identifying fake singles is not complicated. Don't let people who bump into fake singles cheat you. Through a few words or a conversation, you can easily identify this man as your own protective measures!

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