What does black belly mean, What are the characteristics of black belly girls.

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In recent years, the word "belly black" has become more and more popular. It is not only used to describe the characters in novels, TV dramas and cartoons, but also often used by us to describe the personality characteristics of some people. So what exactly is abdominal black? What are the characteristics of black-bellied girls?

What does black belly mean, What are the characteristics of black belly girls.

The word "belly black" originally came from Japan, which refers to those who are sweet-hearted on the surface, but extremely insidious and vicious on the inside, and do harm to their friends under the banner of "for friends". Later, "abdominal blackness" gradually evolved into a word containing all kinds of incredible personality characteristics, which are as follows:

first, the surface is harmless, but the heart is dark and sinister

Real black-bellied girls generally show very confusing behavior characteristics, which makes people feel that they are not like scheming roles at all. However, if you want to be friends with a girl with a black belly, you should be extra careful, because in her view, friends are just props in her puppet show, and she will manipulate them and their lives without their knowledge.

Second, duplicity, calm and self-control

Black-bellied girls can imitate any kind of emotion, which makes people completely confused about what they are thinking. At the same time, they are also very good at controlling emotions, no matter their emotions, they can control them freely. Girls with black bellies usually have a strong self-control hidden in their hearts, and they will never let outsiders easily see their vulnerability and true thoughts.

What does black belly mean, What are the characteristics of black belly girls.

Third, use others to achieve their goals

Black-bellied girls know how to use their contacts and social resources very well. They usually have a good mouth, be eloquent, and make people around them use them through persuasion and persuasion. If they think you are of no value to them, they will leave you soon, and if they think you are important, you will be treated and used by them.

Fourth, be good at grasping the situation

Girls with black bellies usually have high IQ and are good at understanding the situation. They can behave properly in any situation, using her weaknesses and psychology to contain and manipulate. It is their consistent practice to kick down the bridge. For them, using others is a brilliant art..

5. Being dark inside, there is almost no moral bottom line

Black-bellied girls' hearts are often shrouded in darkness, and they are comfortable with any moral standards. This means that for people around them, they can use any means to achieve their so-called goals, whether it is morality, affection or even friendship. Therefore, we must be careful when dealing with black-bellied girls, otherwise we may have to bear unnecessary harm because of their psychological games.

You must be careful when dealing with girls with black bellies, because although they are extremely confusing, they are very insidious and vicious, and they are good at manipulating people's hearts. If you don't want to lose in this mental gamble, please be on your guard and always be careful.

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