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A woman's request for the other half, the third is the most important.

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for women, the other half must meet all kinds of needs in order to make them feel satisfied and happy. Among them, the third requirement is the most important and the most important part of a woman's personality.

A woman

1. Loyal followers

women often hope that their men can silently support them and support each other in their career and life, just like a loyal follower. Women need a partner who can struggle with them and share happiness and sadness. And when men need women, they can also support each other unconditionally.

It's not that women want their men to be completely blind to them, but women also want to get partners who disagree with them or even abuse each other. This doesn't mean that women want their men to always compromise when they disagree in order to catch up with them, but they need someone who can really understand themselves.

Loyal followers don't mean complete obedience, but express different opinions at appropriate times to avoid blindly accommodating and boring their women.

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A woman needs someone who has the same passion, the same hard time and can grow together.

A woman

Loyal time is very important for women, and only a truly interdependent and supportive partner can satisfy women.

2. Sense of security

As a woman, a sense of security is necessary. The perceptual significance of this sense of security is not important. The sense of security that women want refers to the protection on the material and spiritual levels.

as far as material matters are concerned, women want their men to provide material security for themselves. If a man does not have enough financial resources, or is unwilling to provide protection for women, it is very difficult to satisfy women. And when this man can take responsibility for the woman and give her financial support, the woman will feel safe and stable.

mentally, as a woman, they also want someone to talk to. This doesn't mean that they just want a man who listens to themselves, but they need someone who can really understand themselves. If this man can't bring her real understanding and listening, women will feel very lost and uneasy.

The sense of security that women want is not limited to the economic level, but more reflected in the spirit. Only a man who can satisfy his sensibility can bring a real sense of security to women.

3. One-sided respect and equality

A woman's third requirement for her partner is one-sided respect and equality. In this respect, women expect their men to bring them respect and honor, whether in public or in private. Women want their men to pay more attention to giving them respect and trust instead of treating them as their spouses.

it is a man's basic duty to respect his wife, and women just want to show this duty more. Women grow up with many expectations, hoping that their men can think more about their own ideas and even "tacky" sometimes.

equality is also very important. Women want equality between themselves and their men. On some occasions, women may let each other take the lead, but on many occasions, they also want to treat their men as equals.

some men may think that men should be better than women in some aspects. Women think this is wrong, because men and women are essentially equal. If you can give women equal recognition, then you will get more satisfaction.

One-sided respect and equality is the third fundamental requirement of a woman for the other half. This is an aspect that men cannot ignore, and it also affects the beauty of the whole family.

A woman

4. People who really understand themselves

Women also have an important need for the other half, that is, they need someone who can really understand themselves. Around this man, women don't need to hide their feelings or thoughts, and men can really listen to and respond to their voices.

around this man, women feel really exposed, and they won't constantly criticize their women because they have some bad habits or shortcomings. The small details of this man's actions and verbal concern are the channels for women to get psychological satisfaction.

Men who truly understand can make them have common feelings and empathy. If you can understand your woman's feelings and needs, your relationship will be stronger.

Women hope that men can really get to know them and go on the journey of life together. When this man can really listen to the voice and respond to women's feelings, they will feel unparalleled satisfaction.

5. Be responsible for feelings

Finally, there is a very important requirement. Women want their men to be responsible for their feelings. In some ways, women think this is the most important aspect. When a man is responsible for his work and housework, women will feel very at ease and satisfied.

A responsible man can better coordinate family life and take care of family burdens such as children and the elderly. They will also give their women free space and initiative in their work, and find a balance between sensibility and reason.

women think that being responsible for feelings is an element that men should meet their basic requirements. If you can express your ideas and commitment to women, you will get more psychological needs of women and make you more stable and beautiful emotionally.

The above five aspects are the most basic and important requirements for a woman's other half. When a man can meet these requirements, it will bring happiness and satisfaction to women.

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