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What is the meaning of cold violence The expression of cold violence in love.

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Cold violence is a common bad behavior in interpersonal communication, which is mainly manifested in persistent indifference and threatening words, causing psychological oppression and fear of the victims. In love, some people will also use cold violence to control their partners, which is very harmful. If people who suffer from cold violence do not detect and stop it in time, it is easy to have negative emotions and psychological problems.

What is the meaning of cold violence The expression of cold violence in love.

What is cold violence in love

Cold violence in love means that in a love relationship, one party uses words or behaviors that need to be controlled on the other to achieve his own goals. This kind of behavior is manifested in different ways among different couples. Some people may adopt some imperceptible ways, such as persistent neglect and silent protest, while others may express their dissatisfaction in some more direct and threatening ways.

Although cold violence in love will not directly cause physical damage to the victim like physical violence, it will have a very negative impact on the victim's mood and health after a long period of accumulation. Most perpetrators of cold violence often have psychological problems such as control desire and inferiority, which in turn will aggravate their control behavior towards their partners.

What are the manifestations of cold violence in love

There are many forms of cold violence in love. Here are some common cold violence:

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What is the meaning of cold violence The expression of cold violence in love.

1. Persistent neglect

A common manifestation of cold violence in love is constant neglect. When one party is dissatisfied with the other party, it is not necessary to express it in a mature way like adults. They may adopt nonverbal ways, such as deliberately not returning information and refusing to talk to the other party, so as to narrow the distance between the two parties and achieve the purpose of controlling the other party.

2. unreasonable demands

In love, some people often set all kinds of unreasonable demands on their partners, such as asking them to video chat with themselves within a specified time and not giving them free space, which are all acts of cold violence. In this case, the abuser not only does not consider the feelings of the other party, but will have a strong sense of control over the other party, which is a very abnormal love relationship.

3. More cruel performance

Some love relationships seem insignificant, but in fact there is violence under the bottom line. For example, the man knows that the woman likes him very much, but he deliberately hurts the woman's self-esteem and deliberately chats up with other girls; Or send some threatening information to the woman to control her, which is a cruel act in love and should be stopped very much.

How to stop cold violence in love

For those who suffer from cold violence in love, if we don't detect and take measures in time, it will easily turn into a lifelong psychological shadow after a long period of accumulation. So how to effectively stop the cold violence in love? Here are some suggestions:

1. Solve the problem through negotiation

In love, it is normal for both parties to have problems, but we should not resort to cold violence to solve problems. Consultation and communication can be adopted to find a solution acceptable to both sides, so as to achieve the goal of harmonious coexistence.

2. Ask for help

If you encounter cold violence in love, you can ask friends or professionals around you for help. Suffering from such violence for a long time will have a great negative impact on the victims, so it is necessary to seek outside help in time.

What is the meaning of cold violence The expression of cold violence in love.

3. suspend the relationship

As a victim, if you find that your partner is taking cold violence to control you, you can suspend your relationship. This is also a way of passive resistance. Sometimes it takes one's own toughness to make the other person realize his mistake and the damage that cold violence will do to the relationship.

What attitude does a good love need

In love, what everyone wants is a healthy and harmonious relationship, which depends on the attitude and behavior of both parties. Here are some attitudes that a good relationship should have:

1. Respect each other

In love, although the positions and roles of both parties may be different, they must respect each other. In the process of getting along, we should pay attention to each other's feelings and avoid using unhealthy methods such as cold violence as much as possible.

2. Understand each other

A good relationship requires mutual understanding and accommodation. When getting along, everyone should think more from each other's point of view and spend more time communicating with each other, so as to establish a stable love relationship.

3. Be gentle and considerate

two people in love need mutual care and tenderness. The needs of the other party are their own needs, and we should always care about each other's emotions and physical health. Only when two people have such feelings can love develop calmly, stably and for a long time.

Love is a beautiful thing, but if you encounter cold violence in love, it will make this sweet love unbearable. Only by deeply understanding cold violence and establishing correct attitude and behavior habits in love can we really have a healthy and happy love relationship.

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