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Men don't love you so much (men don't love you so much)

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We will accept men's feelings for us and be happy, but the truth is that men don't love you that much. Or, there are some subtle hints in his actions and words. In this article, we will explore these hints and behaviors in order to better understand the performance that men don't love you so much.

Men don

He doesn't support your dream

Suppose you want to be a painter, just like Kafka. You are excited to tell your boyfriend and hope that he can encourage you and support you. You will jump around like a sick monkey. If he just listens to your thoughts and does his own thing as usual, then it shows that he may not care much about your dreams.

This situation may develop to the point where he will guide you with his own plans for your future instead of encouraging you to realize your dreams. If you find that your boyfriend doesn't really care about your goals, then it is conclusive evidence that he is unlikely to love you enough to respect your dreams.

If you are looking for support and want to get a boyfriend who encourages you, you should resent your boyfriend's guidance and control over your future. A man who loves you will support your decisions and goals and be proud of your dreams.

More importantly, if your boyfriend and you have the same goal, he will show more enthusiastic actions and a more positive attitude to help you realize your dream.

Men don

He seldom spends time with you

in feelings, time is very important. If a man really loves a woman, he will spend most of his time with her. This can not only deepen our feelings, but also find a balance and get more happiness.

If your boyfriend is often busy with other things (such as work, friends, family, etc.) and still has no time to spend with you, then this is a big problem. Maybe this means that his feelings for you are not true enough. It's normal to be busy once in a while, but if a hectic life has become the norm, it's likely to prove that your boyfriend doesn't love you that much.

If your boyfriend is not busy with other things but rarely spends time with you, it may indicate that he doesn't love him as much as you do. So what should we do in this situation? Remember, the ability to communicate honestly and solve problems is very important. If you think that there is a crisis in your relationship, communicating with your boyfriend is essentially the key to solving the problem. If he can change and try to create more time and communicate with you, then your feelings will become stronger.

He always acts independently

If a man really loves his woman, they will often do something together or spend time together, but if he has been acting independently, it may be a sign that his boyfriend doesn't love you very much.

A man acting alone doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't love you, but if he has never considered traveling, going to sports or going to the movies with you, then you have reason to weigh your relationship. Even though he may do these things with friends, family or colleagues, without you, this is the key issue. This shows that you don't occupy a very important position in your boyfriend's life.

Love is a matter for two people. To make love lasting, we need to build and share memories together. If your boyfriend doesn't do these things to you, then he may not love you very much. If two people really care about each other, travel, sports and movies should be a common choice.

he doesn't care about your problems

If you are talking to your boyfriend, he always looks away or has other things to deal with, then it shows that your boyfriend doesn't love you that much. It is important to support in words and deeds and care about feelings. If you know when you need him and he doesn't show up, then you may need to reconsider your relationship.

But don't forget, everyone will have bad days. Maybe your boyfriend just suffers from work pressure or other factors. Give him some time and see if he can tell you what happened. Mutual attention and support are very important to feelings. If there are problems to be dealt with, please find ways to communicate and solve them in time.

He didn't fully accept you

Men don

If your boyfriend can't fully accept you, including your work, family, friends and hobbies, then he may not love you very much.

Understanding means that you will do anything for him (or her) and understand his (or her) feelings and motives. If a relationship lacks this close connection, then it can't be true love. If your boyfriend can't accept you as a complete person, it shows that he doesn't love you that much.

By understanding and considering each other's needs, including better understanding and accepting each other in terms of friendship between the opposite sex, achieving personal and common goals, your feelings will be longer.

Although these hints may be small and subtle, it is very important to find hints in them to help you get to know your boyfriend better. If you are sure that your boyfriend really loves you, then he will pay great attention to and care about these things and try to support your wishes and decisions.

If your boyfriend doesn't really care about your goals and hobbies, or is busy with his own life, then it shows that he may not love you that much. Good communication solutions are the key to a healthy relationship. Talk frankly with your boyfriend about your feelings and help each other to maintain and strengthen your feelings, so that your feelings will get better and better.

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