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Men's psychology of pestering, what psychology of not breaking up.

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In love, men often have an obsession, especially before breaking up. They may use various ways to retain their girlfriends, hoping that they don't have to break up. What is the psychology of not breaking up? This is a topic worth exploring. Let's take a look at it together.


First, the happiness of nostalgia for the past

The reason why many men cling to each other is actually because they are nostalgic for the happiness of the past. In a long period of love, two people will experience many wonderful moments, which will affect men's feelings for their girlfriends and make them unforgettable.

Men often feel a sense of happiness when they recall their former love. This kind of happiness will make them forget the pain of breaking up and think that breaking up is just a process, and their feelings are still going on. When a girlfriend proposes to break up, men often use various ways to retain them.

Faced with this situation, girlfriends can try to make them understand that past memories are just memories, which cannot affect the current decision.

When two people end their love, they should leave as many beautiful memories as possible, which is also a respect and treasure for the past.


no matter men or women, they should face the good memories of the past with gratitude, not regret.

Second, self-esteem and face problems

Men are born with a desire to conquer. They want to be strong and control the situation. When a girlfriend breaks up, men will feel that their self-esteem is hurt, and they will think that they can't control the situation, which will make them feel a little embarrassed.

Some men will retain their girlfriends with a strong posture, which will strengthen their desire for control. They hope that their girlfriends can accept their decisions, otherwise they will feel intolerable.

In this case, the girlfriend can try her best to understand her boyfriend's situation, and let them know that breaking up doesn't mean failure. It's just the trend of two people's feelings, and there is no right or wrong.

Girlfriends can also try to communicate with boyfriends, so that they can look at this relationship with an equal attitude, so that they can put aside their self-esteem and face problems.

When men realize that their self-esteem and face problems are only a psychological need, it is possible to face the breakup rationally.

Third, dependence and loneliness

Everyone has a sense of dependence and loneliness. In a relationship, a man will graft these feelings on his girlfriend.

When a girlfriend breaks up, men will feel a sense of loss and loneliness. They feel that they will lose someone they can rely on. They will try their best to keep their girlfriends, hoping to maintain this dependence.

To alleviate this situation, girlfriends can express their positions and ideas with their boyfriends, telling them that breaking up is only temporary, and asking them to start a new lifestyle with confidence.

In this process, men can try to find new dependence and emotional sustenance. They can make new friends and expand their social circle, which will help them get out of loneliness.


In a healthy relationship, the dependence and loneliness of both men and women should be complementary, not dependent on one side. In love, two people should respect each other's lifestyle and grow and progress together, instead of relying on each other.

Fourth, lack of communication and understanding

in a relationship, lack of communication and understanding is one of the main reasons for breaking up. The reason why men are entangled may be that they don't get enough understanding and support in the relationship, which will also make them feel painful and depressed.

When a girlfriend proposes to break up, a man may think it is his own failure. They will wonder whether they are not doing well enough and whether they have not got the understanding and support of their girlfriends.

In order to avoid this, two people should pay attention to communication and understanding when they are together. Let the other party know their own needs and hopes, and at the same time respect each other's positions and ideas.

When breaking up, two people should face it with a tolerant and understanding attitude, respect each other's decision, and make plans and preparations for their future.

V. The only way to grow and mature

In love, the reason why men are entangled may also be that they have not experienced the only way to grow and mature.

In a long period of love, a man may be immersed in his own emotional world, ignoring his knowledge and understanding of the outside world.

When a girlfriend breaks up, men will feel scared and uneasy. They will worry about their future and whether they can adapt to the new environment and new life.

To alleviate this kind of psychology, in the face of love, men should learn to grow and mature. We should embrace a new way of life, try to learn new knowledge and increase our understanding and cognition of the outside world.

In this process, girlfriends can help boyfriends grow up together, support and encourage each other.


men should learn to face the breakup with a tolerant attitude, thinking that it is only the end of a relationship, not the embodiment of their own failure. They should also embrace a new lifestyle, learn to grow and mature, and meet new challenges and opportunities with a positive attitude.

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