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One of the characteristics of girls who like to keep spare tires proves that you are a spare tire.

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a spare tire is not a pleasant thing. Some girls like to keep their own "spare tires". If you have the following characteristics, maybe you are a spare tire girl.

One of the characteristics of girls who like to keep spare tires proves that you are a spare tire.

Feature 1: Always like chatting with ex-boyfriends

Even if they have a new boyfriend, spare tire girls will always keep in touch with their ex-boyfriends. They will talk about the past and share what you are experiencing now. They will also share their emotional problems with their ex-boyfriends and hope to get help from each other.

When a spare tire girl likes to chat with her ex-boyfriend, it usually takes a long time. In this case, spare tire girls usually ignore chatting with their current boyfriends. This may cause potential problems, because when talking with her ex-boyfriend, she will put too much thought and time on him, which will make her current boyfriend feel insecure.

On the other hand, spare tire girls will take ex-boyfriend's words as true love and expression. They may feel that this is an opportunity for them to rekindle their old feelings and even get some kind of emotional satisfaction from them.

There may be many reasons why spare tire girls don't break contact with their ex-boyfriends. Maybe they are afraid of living alone, or want to keep friendship with their ex-boyfriends. This will also make other men feel that they are unfaithful and unreliable.

One of the characteristics of girls who like to keep spare tires proves that you are a spare tire.

if you find yourself chatting with your ex-boyfriend like this, you should consider whether this will affect your current relationship.

Feature 2: Always like ambiguity

Spare tire girls usually have an ambiguous relationship with all kinds of men. They will be paid by men and enjoy the sweet time before and after the flowers, but never develop into a deeper emotional level with others. In fact, they can still have an ambiguous relationship with some people, because it is an emotional satisfaction.

When girls with spare tires are with other men, they may imagine that this is an affair, not something between them and their boyfriends. They are usually deceived by men until they see men playing ambiguous games with them. Many men will also take advantage of this relationship without paying the price of establishing a relationship.

This behavior not only wastes time and mood, but also consumes their energy. This will also bring a lot of tension and anxiety to their lives. It is a common behavior to keep an ambiguous form before establishing real feelings. When this idea persists and reaches the point of "committing two crimes", it is necessary to consider whether it is necessary to draw a clear line.

Spare tire girls hope to use an ambiguous relationship to attract another person's attention and get some forms of praise. If you have these characteristics, you should consider whether this behavior will hurt yourself.

Feature 3: Always want to hear nice words from boys

When a spare tire girl is talking to a boy, she always expects to hear beautiful compliments from them. No matter how beautiful her eyes are or how charming her personality is, they will be immersed in sweet words.

But in fact, when spare tire girls naively believe these words, they usually don't realize the slogan temperament of these words. If you want to exercise the ability to judge others and make yourself more independent, you need to convey to others that they have the ability to rely on other things to bring satisfaction!

Spare tire girls will always think that they are the healthiest and most attractive until everyone gets their praise. This practice may make them feel more confident, but in the long run, it will also make them more dependent on the approval of others and lose the ability to think independently and act independently. If you also have this feature, then you need to learn to be independent and not care too much about other people's comments.

feature 4: habitual retreat

In modern society, good communication is the foundation of building feelings. When spare tire girls encounter problems, they usually choose to retreat.

One of the characteristics of girls who like to keep spare tires proves that you are a spare tire.

This behavior may make people feel that they have given up their relationship with their boyfriends. In real life, the damage caused by this behavior is greater than many girls can imagine. Retreat will cause a lot of communication obstacles and make boyfriends think that they have given up their relationship. In fact, this kind of behavior will only increase pain and insecurity.

If you want to build a healthy relationship, you need to learn to break the silence and express your thoughts and feelings. Although it takes courage and confidence, it is also a more mature and independent way to solve difficulties.

Feature 5: Always waiting for a new boyfriend

spare tire girls always imagine that there will be a new boyfriend coming into life. Most of the time, they will criticize their existing boyfriends, thinking that this man is not good enough and needs to constantly find more suitable candidates.

They will entertain themselves through all kinds of information on the Internet to find their ideal candidates. Because of this expectation, they often distrust their feelings. If you have these characteristics, you need to think about finding a more compatible person to establish a relationship. Remember: finding love is not a game, what is needed is sincerity and patience.

a spare tire is not a glorious thing. If you notice that you have these characteristics, you need to work hard to become a more independent and confident girl. I believe that you will be brighter in the future and will not act as a spare tire.

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