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People with extremely low self-esteem show (people with extremely low self-esteem show high cold)

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People with extremely low self-esteem tend to be cold. They are afraid of being noticed by others and seeing through their own shortcomings. Therefore, being introverted, withdrawn and rejecting others thousands of miles away has become their behavior characteristics.

People with extremely low self-esteem show (people with extremely low self-esteem show high cold)

1. Stay away from social occasions

The reason why people with extremely low self-esteem are cold is that they don't like social occasions. On this occasion, they may be watched by others or forced to communicate with strangers, which makes them feel anxious and uneasy. When they can't avoid these occasions, they often show indifference or even rudeness to cover up their anxiety and self-confidence.

People with extremely low self-esteem often choose to sit in the corner and keep their distance from others at parties, banquets and other occasions. If strangers greet them, they may just take root in the same place and don't know how to deal with it. This kind of behavior makes people look indifferent, but the reason behind it is that their inner inferiority makes them afraid to face others' eyes, and even worry that their existence will hinder others' happiness.

People with extremely low self-esteem often avoid too much contact with others. They need to seek a comfortable and safe environment to hide their self-confidence and vulnerability.

second, keep your distance

People with extremely low self-esteem show (people with extremely low self-esteem show high cold)

People with extremely low self-esteem often keep a certain distance in interpersonal communication, so as to be unobtrusive and not easily hurt. They may not be good at communicating with others, and often give people the impression of being arrogant and withdrawn. This kind of performance is a means of self-protection to a certain extent. They would rather keep a certain distance from others than let others get close to them.

In interpersonal communication, this kind of performance often misleads others to think that they are arrogant, but in fact they are too self-abased and worried that their existence will make others dissatisfied. They always silently hope that others don't pay too much attention to themselves and don't find fault with their own shortcomings.

Keeping your distance will also make people with low self-esteem miss some opportunities, such as associating with smart and talented people or imparting skills. To a certain extent, keeping distance is a double-edged sword, which needs to be used appropriately in different occasions.

Third, ask too much of yourself

People with extreme inner inferiority often demand too much of themselves. They pursue perfection, but at the same time they are afraid that they can't meet this standard. They exaggerate their shortcomings infinitely, self-doubt and self-loathing.

this kind of performance may make them push themselves into a corner and cannot extricate themselves. They always feel that their performance has not reached their own standards, which leads to dissatisfaction with themselves. As Maslow said, the need for self-realization is one of the basic needs of human beings, but some people may fall into an infinite cycle of self-doubt and self-denial when pursuing personal growth.

In this case, we can correct our own strengths and weaknesses, and improve our own abilities and skills to alleviate our inner feelings of inferiority. You need to give yourself some buffer time to feel the gift of life to your heart's content.

Fourth, close yourself

People with extremely low self-esteem are usually closed to themselves, and they are afraid to show their hearts to others. They don't want others to know their own stories and the process of education and growth, so people with a high degree of inferiority are often called mysterious people by others, that is, they don't talk and their feelings are not exposed.

As a self-protection strategy, this kind of performance has no harm, but if you keep silent and self-enclosed, it will increase the risk of letting your heart go into a vicious circle. When others try to communicate with them, they may avoid or give some vague answers, which will make communication very difficult.

For them, it is necessary to change their closed state, try to open their hearts to the outside and share their feelings and moods with others. This will make others better understand their stories, life experiences, inner world, etc., thus helping them to better adjust their mentality.

V. More negative emotions

People with extremely low self-esteem show (people with extremely low self-esteem show high cold)

People who feel extremely inferior often show a negative emotion, such as anxiety, depression, depression, etc. They are too cautious and try to avoid any mistakes and bad results. Although this attitude seems to be relatively safe, it is easy for them to feel heavy and have negative emotions.

When negative emotions spread, people with low self-esteem are prone to self-doubt and self-denial. They may feel desperate about their past and future, and such emotions will further precipitate them into their own world and lose contact with the outside world.

Although negative emotions cannot be completely avoided, we should learn to face up to our emotions through constant self-exploration so as to avoid the spread of emotions. It is necessary to seek help from outside at the right time when self-denial occurs. At these times, the company of friends and family will help inner stability.

People who are extremely self-abased are cold mainly because they want to hide their own shortcomings and avoid the attention of others. This kind of behavior may make people look withdrawn and indifferent, but more is their inner inferiority and vulnerability. We need to understand them and provide them with support and understanding.

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