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How to save a person who has given up on you, these tricks may be effective.

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the feeling of losing a lover is painful, but it is even sadder when you find that the person you have always loved has given up on you. At this time, what should I do? Many people cry and beg or give up easily, but this is not the best solution. If you want to save someone who gave up on you, the following methods may help you.

How to save a person who has given up on you, these tricks may be effective.

the first move: act in time

when you suddenly find that the other person has given up on you, you must act as soon as possible. Clever and persistent contact with each other is one of the best ways. Make reasonable use of social media, text messages, telephone calls and face-to-face contact to contact each other properly and let them know that you are still in his/her heart.

Try to talk to the other person, don't over-profess and beg, and express your feelings sincerely, instead of forcing and forcing the other person. Let them know that you are still a meaningful person to them.

let the other person know that you are willing to make commitment and efforts to change the present situation. This positive attitude will make the other person start to rethink your relationship.

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If the time and method are right, the effect of timely action is obvious. You can try to change the other person's view of you and rekindle the flame of feelings again.

How to save a person who has given up on you, these tricks may be effective.

the second trick: contact mutual friends

Finding common friends in your circle is another way to rebuild feelings. Friends can help friendly communication and solve problems. They can help you re-establish contact by providing emotional support and acting as a middleman. In this process, make sure that your actions will not damage the dignity of the other party.

In this way, you can get a better chance to understand each other, such as their ideas and needs. Most importantly, mutual friends can help you understand what happened between you and make you more aware of the difficulties and elements of getting close to each other again.

Let your friends know your real purpose and keep answering their questions and questions, and they will be happy to help you.

reaching out to mutual friends can help you understand each other's thoughts better and make it easier for you to get in touch with each other.

the third trick: talk frankly

having a frank conversation with the other person is also very effective for rebuilding feelings. Good communication is the key. During the conversation, point out the problems between you and let the other party know that you have sincerely realized the problems between you. Trust is the first step to rebuild feelings, which requires a frank attitude.

the following points should be followed in this process:

find the right time and place. Make sure the other person can hear your opinion and feel comfortable.
Ask questions appropriately to let the other person know how you feel, instead of blaming the other person, so as to avoid quarrels and conflicts.
Listen to each other's opinions. Let the other person know that you need their understanding and help, and at the same time design a solution.

frank conversation can build trust and understanding, break the deadlock and improve your relationship, which is the key to falling in love with each other again.

Step 4: Change yourself

before you start to establish contact with each other, you need to carefully examine yourself to see if you can change your life and your life through positive actions and practical commitments. Is your own problem leading to the present situation, or the other party has lost interest.

Start to learn new skills and try different lifestyles, so as to get rid of past life resistance and change images and attitudes. This will not only bring you a new journey, but also show your positivity and evaluate your value and attractiveness.

How to save a person who has given up on you, these tricks may be effective.

changing yourself may be a way to build new relationships and a strategy to repair old ones. Pay attention to yourself, you need to pay attention to your feelings and needs, and find ways to change the current relationship, so that the other party will realize your performance to yourself.

Step 5: Let go at the right time

Although we have been striving for rejection, in some cases, the other party can no longer show love, because they have reached enough distance. If you have done anything, but the other person still gives up on you or doesn't want to get to know you any more, you must respect the other person's wishes, look forward, don't bother the other person and hope you will do something more stupid in the future.

No matter what the result is, stop begging and persecuting, and summon up courage to meet the future. We can only be responsible for our own actions, so stop worrying about old feelings and turn to a new starting point.

If you want to get back the person who gave up on you, make sure that you follow these five skills, including taking timely action, contacting mutual friends, talking frankly, changing yourself and letting go appropriately. No matter which method you choose, you should focus on achieving your ultimate goal-rebuilding your feelings.

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