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What should I do if I cheat in my feelings (what should I do if my feelings are not harmonious)

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The words love rat, Xiaosan and Cheating often appear in feelings. Whether you are a cheater or a cheater, these experiences will do harm to people's minds. In the face of cheating, how should we deal with it?

What should I do if I cheat in my feelings (what should I do if my feelings are not harmonious)

I. Cause analysis

Cheating is an incident of broken emotional trust. The fundamental reason is often not that a person is unfaithful. Cheating is often the outbreak of many problems. Personality disharmony, work pressure, getting along with each other soon, and so on, are all the fuses of derailment.

if you want to get rid of cheating, you should start from the root. Find out the problem, see why you have such thoughts in your heart, think more and understand more, so as to solve the problem of derailment.

For the derailed party, we should also try to think and understand from multiple angles. No one is derailed from the beginning, and no one must bear the pressure and bear the responsibility to face it. It is still necessary to analyze the reasons and treat them rationally.

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So if you want to avoid cheating, you need to know as much as possible about each other, including a series of contents such as personality, thoughts, real thoughts, etc., so as to avoid violating each other's bottom line as much as possible and reduce the possibility of illness.

What should I do if I cheat in my feelings (what should I do if my feelings are not harmonious)

a friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, and feelings should not be confused.

second, the treatment method

once an affair occurs, the way to deal with the "injured" party is often to choose to leave; For those who cheat, the way to deal with it is to choose self-blame or even self-punishment. But these methods are not necessarily correct.

First of all, the victim needs to consider his emotions and thoughts carefully, and at the same time, he needs to know whether he has the will to continue. If so, he should try to communicate, resolve the problems that arise, solve them together, make things return to stability, and then continue to get along.

If you choose to leave decisively, you should also consider the rest of your life, what we have learned and grown up in the affair, sum it up and give yourself a better future.

It is very important for cheaters to have a clear mentality and moral concept. It is also necessary to sincerely apologize to the injured party, try to make up for the injured person, and continue to take positive actions to express regret after apologizing. At the same time, we try to find the reasons and realize our mistakes. Only in this way can we correct the problems and continue to move in the right direction.

third, how to save the relationship?

For feelings, whether dealing with infidelity or saving the relationship later, the following ways can help us avoid detours in dealing with things well.

1. communicate, communicate, and then communicate

any relationship needs good communication. When an affair happens, it is very important to tell each other your thoughts and feelings openly and in time.

2. Stay away from third parties

The infidelity in feelings involves not only the relationship, but also the problem of a third party. In this case, try to drink like a human being, calmly analyze and find the problem, and never easily introduce pressure and dissatisfaction to an unrelated third party.

What should I do if I cheat in my feelings (what should I do if my feelings are not harmonious)

3. Think from different angles

once the relationship goes wrong, you need to think from different angles. You can't just care about your own emotions, but try to understand each other's thoughts as much as possible, so as to minimize the possibility of disagreement.

4. Optimistic and positive attitude

The origin of emotional problems is that some problems exist, and it takes some time to solve them. At this time, you need to keep a positive attitude and see the way to solve them from the difficulties.

Fourth, the courage needed next

In dealing with emotional problems, if you want to save the relationship, you need not only communication, but also courage to face those difficult or even painful topics in your heart. Since the injury already exists, we should face it calmly and try to resolve it. At this time, we need not only communication, but also courage.

Cheating is not a lottery, no matter which side will get hurt. But instead of fighting, it is better to find the problem and think about how to change it.

No matter for the derailed party or the derailed person, we should try to get to know and understand, look at the other party's thoughts and true feelings, find what they want, give feedback, and change ourselves and behavior when necessary, so as to establish a more stable relationship.

Long-term and stable relationships build not only trust, but also personal growth and understanding.

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