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How to discipline children in rebellious period (how to discipline children in rebellious period is better)

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Rebellion is a stage that every child will go through. Children begin to explore and be independent, and at the same time, they begin to have rebellious feelings. In this period, it is particularly important for parents to carry out correct education and discipline.

How to discipline children in rebellious period (how to discipline children in rebellious period is better)

understanding the rebellious period

Rebellion usually occurs when children are about 12 years old. At this time, children are undergoing physical and psychological changes. They hope to explore the world independently, but at the same time they are afraid of their immaturity. Parents need to understand this, let their children know that their emotions are normal, and at the same time help them through this stage.

During the rebellious period, children began to try to master their own lives, including their own words and deeds, their own money use and so on. At this time, parents should provide their children with some independent rights, while still providing guidance and supervision when necessary.

Parents should also respect their children's unique habits and interests, which is also the embodiment of their personality.

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communication is the key

How to discipline children in rebellious period (how to discipline children in rebellious period is better)

During the rebellious period, children have a lot of doubts and anxieties, and communication is very important at this time. Parents should communicate with their children as much as possible, listen to their thoughts and help them solve their emotions.

In communication, parents should not only listen to their children, but also understand and respect their views as much as possible. When children ask questions or complain, parents should let them find answers or solutions by themselves.

Parents should also keep an open attitude with their children. Parents can discuss their children's wrong ideas and give them correct guidance.

Most importantly, parents should not get angry or criticize their children in communication, which will affect children's trust and dependence on their parents.

cultivate children's self-confidence

During the rebellious period, children will feel anxious and uneasy. At this time, parents should help their children develop self-confidence and convince them that they can do it.

Parents can help their children find their own strengths and give them affirmation and encouragement. Parents can also support their children to explore their hobbies and interests and help them develop a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

When children face difficulties and setbacks, parents should not give up easily. They should give encouragement and support to help them get out of the predicament step by step.

In the process of children's continuous growth and progress, parents should also remember to give appropriate praise and rewards to let their children know that their efforts and progress are worthy of recognition.

establish appropriate rules and punishments

During the rebellious period, children began to try to be independent and explore their own world, but this does not mean that they can do things at will. Parents can set some appropriate rules according to their children's actual situation.

these rules should be clear, including family discipline, money use, personal safety and so on. These rules should also be adjusted according to children's age and personality.

How to discipline children in rebellious period (how to discipline children in rebellious period is better)

when children break the rules, parents should give them corresponding punishment, but they should not be too severe or extreme. Parents can impose penalties such as fines or deprivation of some privileges according to the situation. Parents should also tell their children the reasons for making mistakes and help them to re-plan their behavior.

The most important thing is that parents should not be too emotional when punishing, and let their children know their mistakes and consequences, and be willing to correct them.

handling family conflicts

during the rebellious period, family conflicts may intensify. Children's insecurity and contradictions between family members will affect children's emotions and behaviors.

parents need to communicate with their children, understand their anxiety and problems, and respect their children's views and ideas. When there are contradictions between family members, parents can act as mediators and try their best to find a better solution.

In the process of dealing with family conflicts, parents should also remind their children not to get involved in the quarrels and conflicts between family members, and to maintain their independence and neutrality.

In the process of children's growth, the rebellious period is a stage. Parents should understand and support their children so that they can get through this stage and become confident and independent people.

In order to correctly handle the rebellious children, parents need to understand their emotions and behaviors, and help them through this stage through communication and self-confidence.

At the same time, parents need to keep a balance between rationality and emotion when making rules and punishments, so that children can know their mistakes and consequences and are willing to correct them.

Most importantly, when dealing with family conflicts, parents need to maintain the relationship between family members as much as possible, so that the family can be the warmth and support for children's growth.

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