What do you mean by reserved Girls who are not reserved will have these three performances.

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reserve refers to a person's caution and restraint in his words and deeds, and he does not easily expose his feelings and desires. On some occasions, it is very important to be reserved, which can make people show a stable and elegant image. In real life, some girls have made some mistakes in order to appear not reserved. Here's a brief introduction to the performance of girls who are not reserved.

What do you mean by reserved Girls who are not reserved will have these three performances.

1. Speak too bluntly

It's honest and true to speak your mind directly, but if you speak too bluntly, it will easily give people a feeling of rudeness and lack of cover-up, which will give people a bad impression. For example, when you talk about a person with a friend, a girl who is not reserved may directly tell the other person's shortcomings instead of euphemistically expressing them.

2. Clothes are too sexy

Nowadays, the society generally advocates freedom and openness, but girls who are not reserved tend to fall into sexy, revealing and vulgar dressing styles. This will not only leave a bad impression on others, but also break many cultural etiquette and make people feel disrespectful.

3. debauchery

What do you mean by reserved Girls who are not reserved will have these three performances.

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debauchery is the most serious performance of girls who are not reserved. Girls who get drunk in public and tease men's attention and are keen on nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment places are more likely to be criticized and laughed at by others. Once the resume shows such behavior, it will inevitably make people question their quality.

Proper reserve can enable a person to maintain his dignity and temperament in public without losing affinity and interaction. The image and quality of a girl should not be limited to her appearance, but also show her own connotation and accomplishment. Girls should keep their own reserve, and don't be too unrestrained and casual in public.

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