A man can't bear four sweet words, and a woman must always say it.

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When it comes to expressing emotions, many people think that women need to express their feelings more. But in fact, men also need to hear some words of affirmation and support. The following are four love words that men can't hold back after listening. Women must always say them!

A man can

1. "I believe you."

Although men think they are strong, sometimes they need some affirmation and support. When men are facing challenges or difficulties, women should let them know that they believe in their abilities and decisions and will always support them.

2. "You are my hero."

men always want to be heroes and protectors in women's hearts. When women express such thoughts, men will feel extremely happy and proud.

3. "I like your appearance very much."

A man can

A man wants his woman to have a positive evaluation of his appearance and temperament. When a woman expresses her appreciation for a man's appearance, he will feel that he is worthy of being loved.

4. "I need you."

men like to be an indispensable part of women's lives. When a woman expresses that she needs a man, the man will feel that he is very important and will cherish this relationship more.

Women can make men feel loved and respected through some simple words. When women give men these emotional support and affirmation, men will be more confident, brave and happy.

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