What is a good man What is the best answer

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what is a good man? This is a difficult question, and everyone has different definitions of a good man. Some features are generally recognized by us. In the eyes of many people, a good man should have the following qualities:

What is a good man What is the best answer

responsible. Good men are not people who seek pleasure and avoid responsibility. They are willing to undertake the obligations entrusted by their families and society. Whether taking care of their families or caring about social welfare, they always take the initiative to play the role of a qualified man.

caring. Good men are not cold-hearted people. They know how to care about others, observe their needs attentively and give help. No matter at home or in society, a good man can always give infinite love and care to his relatives and friends.

have a sense of stability. Good men are not frivolous and irresponsible people. They should have a sense of commitment and a sense of responsibility. They should act according to their words and deeds, be confident, steady and careful, and be able to deal with things steadily no matter what they encounter.

have willpower. Good men are not weak-minded, they have a tough will, can endure pain, setbacks and difficulties, even if they encounter difficulties and setbacks, they can persevere and forge ahead until the final victory.

self-motivated. Good men are not people who lack enterprise. They love life, make progress actively, pursue the dual values of career and life, and work hard for it and have the courage to pursue their goals.

What is a good man What is the best answer

Good men are really hard to find, but they are worth waiting for and cherishing. Their appearance not only brings happiness and warmth to our lives, but also makes us believe that there are still a group of people in this world who have been quietly contributing and struggling.

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