The three most intimate relationships between men and women

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Many people have guessed the three relationships between men and women that are the easiest to get close to each other, but the true meaning of these three relationships is not necessarily known.

1. Love relationship

The three most intimate relationships between men and women

Love relationship is the first choice for intimate contact between men and women. After their relationship is confirmed, they can exchange phone numbers, send love letters, gifts, date, and even go to each other's home to make friends with their families. A love relationship requires a period of interaction between the two sides to truly clarify their minds. If it is finally found inappropriate, we should also consider each other's feelings.

2. Good friendship

Good friend relationship is an unusual intimate relationship between men and women. The two sides can get along freely, share secrets with each other, travel, shop and watch movies together, and even have some emotional interaction. Different from love relationship, good friends are more relaxed and can show their innocence and kindness to their heart's content. But be careful not to get the wrong feelings, which will have a negative impact, because sometimes good friends are not necessarily suitable for being lovers.

3. Colleague relationship

Colleague relationship is another common intimate relationship between men and women. At work, it is easy for two people to get to know each other for a long time and find each other interesting or attractive. Many love relationships and marriages begin with colleagues. However, it should be noted that the workplace is only the workplace, and private life is completely separated from work. Don't disturb the normal work of the other half at work.

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All three relationships have their own advantages and scope of application, so no matter which relationship you are in, you should always master your judgment and discretion and don't easily cross the red line. I believe that everyone will find their own intimate relationship within the scope suitable for them.

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