Three main characteristics of irrational belief (including three main characteristics of irrational belief)

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Faith is one of the most mysterious and profound thoughts of human beings. We believe in many things from the bottom of our hearts in life, such as religion, politics, love and so on. They may not have scientific evidence, but they can drive people to keep moving forward. Some beliefs are irrational. They are not based on real facts and evidence, but on people's prejudices, superstitions and misunderstandings. This belief has the following three main characteristics:

Three main characteristics of irrational belief (including three main characteristics of irrational belief)

1. Faith that cannot be proved

The beliefs held by some people have no scientific basis at all, and cannot be confirmed and verified. For example, lucky numbers, right foot stepping on the threshold first and so on, these beliefs can not be confirmed by scientific experiments, they only exist in personal imagination.

2. Refusing to accept rebuttal evidence

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In the eyes of a paranoid believer, what they believe is always right, and no matter how rigorous others refute it, they always take a refusal attitude. For example, some people don't believe in science. They think that the earth is flat, and this theory has long been overturned by scientists, but they still choose to ignore the facts and stick to their beliefs.

3. Believe in rumors and rumors that are groundless

Three main characteristics of irrational belief (including three main characteristics of irrational belief)

an irrational believer may be based on what others have told him, rather than the conclusion he has really drawn after careful consideration. This kind of believers listen to rumors or rumors more because of the herd effect in the mass psychology. They don't want to be different, even afraid of being excluded, so they choose to follow ideas, thoughts or prejudices that others may not have thought of.

Irrational beliefs may have some negative consequences in some cases, which may hurt different groups and individuals, such as some cultists and anti-science phenomena. Therefore, we should have the consciousness of independent thinking, not be interfered by other people's words at will, and not blindly follow the trend. The ability to think independently is what we deserve more.

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