What are the reasons why boys can't catch up with girls, Probably these two points.

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In real life, pursuing a girl may face all kinds of difficulties and challenges. Some boys tried various methods, but they still failed to catch up with the girls they liked. What are the reasons why boys can't catch up with girls?

What are the reasons why boys can

excessive dependence and pursuit. When chasing girls, some boys will rely too much on and pursue girls, showing excessive concern and concern. This will make girls feel uncomfortable and stressed, which will make them feel disgusted with boys and may even choose to leave.

lack of emotional input. When pursuing girls, boys should show affection and righteousness, and at the same time show their respect and value for girls. If a boy doesn't have enough emotional investment in a girl, but pursues a girl out of interest and curiosity, then he may not be favored by a girl.

Improper communication style is also one of the reasons why boys can't catch up with girls. If boys are too enthusiastic or cold when pursuing girls, they may make girls feel uncomfortable. Boys should adopt appropriate communication methods to make girls feel sincere and attractive.

Boys should pay attention to their words and deeds. If boys show disrespect for women when pursuing girls, such as vulgar language, excessive intimacy, etc., then girls are likely to disdain, making it difficult for boys to catch up.

In the process of pursuing girls, boys should pay attention to the above points to avoid inappropriate behaviors and bad habits. Boys should also have patience and confidence, don't give up easily, and believe that they have the ability to catch up with the girls they like.

What are the reasons why boys can

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