What is the cause of illness What is the cause of acanthosis nigricans

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Illness refers to a kind of personality. People with this kind of personality are usually very emotional and lingering, and need constant attention and companionship, otherwise they will be extremely lost and depressed. So, why do some people have a sick and charming personality?

What is the cause of illness What is the cause of acanthosis nigricans

Some people feel insecure because of childhood shadows, family environment and other factors, so they need more attention and warmth emotionally. Such people will be more likely to show their sick and charming personality. Secondly, modern people have a fast pace of life and complicated interpersonal relationships. Some people will be emotionally unstable because they rely too much on interpersonal relationships such as friends and lovers, which is manifested as a sick personality.

what effect does the sick personality have on people's lives? First of all, people with sick personality usually need to spend more time and energy to maintain their emotional needs. If the channels are blocked, there will be emotional instability and even autism and depression. Secondly, people with ill personality often bring cumbersome troubles to people around them and affect the quality and stability of interpersonal relationships.

if you think you have a sick personality, how can you change and maintain your emotional state?

Know your sick personality, make clear your emotional needs, and find a suitable emotional maintenance method.
Actively seek self-growth and promotion, such as reading, learning knowledge, participating in hobbies and other activities, so that you have self-worth and self-confidence.
Cultivate your emotional stability, learn to let go, accept, trust and tolerate, and make yourself more mature, rational and stable.

Ill-tempered personality is a problem that needs attention and serious treatment. Don't easily ignore your emotional needs and state, and don't bring too much trouble and burden to people around you. Only by actively changing and improving yourself can we have a more stable and healthy emotional life.

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