What is the performance of two people's fate, a sign that a relationship is coming to an end.

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There will always be some feelings in life, and when some predestination is over, it should be over. How do you know if this relationship is going to end? Maybe we can find the answer from the performance of two people.

What is the performance of two people

when communication between two people becomes less, this is a sign. If you used to be friends or lovers who talked every day, but now there are only occasional greetings and responses. The communication between you is getting less and less, which shows that you have gradually alienated.

when two people stop sharing their lives and feelings, it is also a sign. If you have ever confided to TA about your joys, sorrows and trivia in daily life. Now TA no longer cares about your affairs and shares her life with you. This shows that there is no common topic and interest between you.

it is also a sign when two people no longer attach importance to each other's feelings and needs. If you need TA's company or help, but TA is indifferent to it or ignores it, then this means that TA no longer cares about you. Similarly, if TA needs your help and support, but you choose to turn a blind eye or ignore it, it also means that you no longer care about TA's feelings and needs.

When the attraction between two people weakens, it means that the end of this relationship is imminent. Maybe at the beginning, you will be very fascinated and infatuated with each other. After a long time, the attraction between you began to decrease, even to the point where you no longer attract each other, which shows that you are no longer suitable for being together.

it's not a bad thing that fate is over. Everyone has his own path and goal in life. Some people are just passers-by, while others are destined to come together. When this relationship comes to an end, you can see it as an experience, move on and look forward to the next fate.

What is the performance of two people

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