The performance of men who want to attract women's attention needs to meet these two conditions.

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men always think about how to make themselves more attractive to women. The following two conditions need to be met: external self-confidence and internal conviction.

The performance of men who want to attract women

outward self-confidence

Appearance is usually the first impression of attraction. Make yourself look confident and healthy. The following performances may help you become a favorite of women.

1. talk properly: the conversation should sound natural, comfortable and smooth.

2. Hygiene and cleanliness: dress appropriately, clean and tidy, and pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

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3. Dress appropriately: dress appropriately, comfortably and in line with the occasion.

The performance of men who want to attract women

4. Keep a good posture: stand, walk and sit with confidence and charm.

5. keep confident and smile: smiling can make people feel more cordial and friendly, and also make people feel confident and attractive.

inner self-confidence

inner performance is equally important. A man with inner confidence can usually attract women's attention more. The following performances may help you become a favorite of women.

1. Have your own hobbies: Having your favorite hobbies and showing your own characteristics will also be very attractive.

2. Learn to listen patiently: Patience, care and understanding of women's emotional topics can make people feel comfortable and naturally attract them.

3. Be sincere to people: be sincere, friendly and frank, and let women feel your true personality charm.

4. Pursuing personal growth: Pursuing personal growth can make you more confident and win the appreciation of women.

5. Show a sense of humor: A sense of humor is very attractive to women, but don't be too humorous or sarcastic.

External self-confidence and internal strength are the keys to attracting women. Men need to show themselves better in order to achieve greater success in the pursuit of women.

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