Test your appearance. Come and try it.

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do you want to know how much your looks are in the eyes of the opposite sex? If so, let's try the following methods.

Test your appearance. Come and try it.

Step 1: Select a photo

First, select clear photos, preferably those with clear and unobstructed front, so as to make the score more accurate.

if you are not sure which photo is better, you can ask your friends to help you choose one.

after the photos are ready, you can start the next step.

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Step 2: Go to the scoring website

Test your appearance. Come and try it.

enter the address of the rating website in the browser and click enter. Here is a famous grading website: howhot.io

after entering the website, first choose your gender, then choose to upload photos and upload the photos you have prepared.

Step 3: Wait for the grading result

after uploading the photos, you can wait for the grading results.

generally speaking, the grading process is relatively fast, and it only takes a few seconds to get the grading results.

While waiting for the grading results, you can look at other people's grading results or play some small games to make the waiting time more interesting.

Step 4: Check the scoring results

Generally, the grading result will be reflected in the form of a percentage, indicating your score in the eyes of the opposite sex.

If you get a high score, it means that you are popular among the users of this website.

It should be noted that this rating result is only the rating result on a website, and it does not fully represent your real situation.

No matter how many points you get, don't care too much about the grading results. Everyone has his own unique charm. Don't change yourself because of the rating results on a website.

Only by believing in yourself and facing life with the truest attitude can we truly have self-confidence and happiness.

Test your appearance. Come and try it.

good luck!

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