What are the symptoms of multiple personality (how to judge whether you have dual personality)

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Multiple Personality Disorder is a kind of mental illness. Patients often show symptoms such as multiple personality, split, amnesia, hallucination, self-abuse, which has a serious impact on life and work. The symptoms of multiple personality disorder vary widely and are not easy to be found. How can we judge whether we have multiple personality disorders?

What are the symptoms of multiple personality (how to judge whether you have dual personality)

1. The common symptom of multiple personality is the development of different personalities, which are often different from the original personality characteristics. For example, a normal extrovert may develop a withdrawn and introverted personality, or even a sick, disabled or completely opposite personality. Not all patients with multiple personality disorders will develop obvious personality characteristics different from their own.

2. Patients with multiple personality disorders often show amnesia, especially when different personalities alternate. Amnesia is manifested in the inability to remember some important things, even personal identity, contact information, one's birthday and other information.

3. Hallucinations are also common manifestations of multiple personality symptoms. Patients may hear voices, see sights or feel emotions, and these hallucinations may be caused by multiple personalities. For example, patients may remember something that has not happened, or think that something that exists does not exist. This phenomenon is called' misplacement'.

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4. masochistic behavior is another important manifestation of multiple personality symptoms. Patients may hurt themselves, such as lettering, self-mutilation, and wrist cutting, so as to relieve pain or escape from reality.

if you happen to experience one or more of the above symptoms, you should consider whether you have multiple personality disorders.

What are the symptoms of multiple personality (how to judge whether you have dual personality)

The exact cause of multiple personality disorder is still unclear, and how to treat it is not completely clear. If you think you may have multiple personality disorders, you should consult a professional psychologist in time for help and treatment.

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