What should I do if I have a quarrel How to ease the quarrel between two people

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On the emotional road, quarreling is inevitable, but quarreling is not the best way to solve the problem. After quarreling, how to ease the mood and make each other's hearts closer? Here, Xiaobian shares several ways to ease the quarrel.

What should I do if I have a quarrel How to ease the quarrel between two people

1. Be silent and calm

When quarreling, you will definitely feel excited. Sometimes you want to express your opinion, but the other person starts to interrupt you before you finish. At this time, you may be very angry. Try to stop, let go of your emotions, listen to the other side's explanation quietly, think about it, maybe there are other views on this matter, not so one-sided.

2. Make contact with your eyes

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Sometimes when you quarrel to a certain extent, you may be speechless, but you can express your thoughts with your eyes. Try to look into each other's eyes and express your thoughts, but don't forget each other's feelings.

3. Give each other a hug

What should I do if I have a quarrel How to ease the quarrel between two people

After the quarrel, the distance between two people seems to be farther away. To alleviate this embarrassing atmosphere, try to hold each other in your arms and give a warm hug to show that you still love him.

4. Find a way to relieve stress

After a quarrel, emotions may be complicated, and pent-up energy will accumulate if you can't consume it. Find yourself a way to release stress, such as fitness, running, singing, etc., so that this matter will no longer hinder your feelings.

5. Have a good meal

quarreling obviously annoys you. Eat something delicious to ease your mood a little, such as trying a new restaurant or buying some snacks that you both like to make up your strength.

It's not a good thing to quarrel, but when it comes to quarreling, it's not a hard thing to say. There are many ways to relieve quarreling. In short, don't let the person you love get farther and farther away from you.

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