Why do you keep in touch after breaking up (why do you keep in touch after breaking up)

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Breaking up is a very painful thing, especially after a long relationship, you still want to keep in touch after breaking up. Why? Here are some possible reasons:

Why do you keep in touch after breaking up (why do you keep in touch after breaking up)

1. Feelings of friends: The first reason to keep in touch after breaking up is to affirm each other's feelings and efforts. In many cases, even if the love ends, the two can still become good friends and share the joys and sorrows of life together.

2. Love and affection have not been distinguished: Some people will keep in touch after breaking up because they have not completely distinguished their relationship and still have feelings for each other. They may think that they still keep in touch and have a chance to get back together.

3. Need care: Breaking up will hurt anyone, and maybe they still need each other's support and encouragement after breaking up. They can communicate in ways that don't involve emotion and love.

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4. cooperative relationship: although love failed, if two people have something in common at work or have some business cooperation, they may need to continue to contact and communicate at work, so that both sides can get more benefits.

5. Breaking up is only temporary: sometimes breaking up is just a transitional period rather than a permanent one. When the confused period of dating is over, some people will get back together, and not keeping in touch at this time will lead to less possibility of getting back together later.

Why do you keep in touch after breaking up (why do you keep in touch after breaking up)

Keeping in touch after breaking up may be because there are a series of complicated emotional relationships between them. Whether it's for the sake of friends' feelings and family ties, protecting one's vital interests, or seeking the goal of acting together to achieve one's ideals, one will feel the need to keep in touch.

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