Don't contact your boyfriend when he says he's tired. What does the man imply when he says he's tired

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Communication between men and women has always been a very important part, and there are also many small details that we need to pay attention to, as well as the problem that boyfriends say they are tired and don't contact each other.


What does it imply when a man says he is tired?

Just because a man says he is tired doesn't mean he is really tired. Considering the emotional problems between men and women, men are sending a hint at this time, but what is the specific hint? It's not hard to find out after a little thinking:

he doesn't want to keep in touch with you

The boy's likes and dislikes are very clear. If he is still full of joy for you, why reduce contact? On the contrary, if he feels a little distant and doesn't want to deal with you, he will end the conversation with a tired excuse at this time. But this doesn't mean that there is any serious contradiction or that we want to break up. Some boys are more tired of meaningless kung fu and feel that it doesn't matter if they have less contact.

he needs some space


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There are also some boys who just feel that they need a little space to adjust their mood, or have other things to deal with, so they won't spend too much time chatting at this time, so it is an excuse to be tired. However, this situation is quite special. We also need to consider each other's feelings. Don't keep urging contact. Sometimes it is good to keep a proper distance.

His feelings for you have faded

Although not all men who say that they are tired mean this, we can't rule out the possibility. Maybe his interest in you has decreased and he doesn't want to contact you. At this time, it is no problem to leave room until he contacts you himself.

The above is the analysis of what the boyfriend said he was tired, so don't contact him, and the man said he was tired. I hope everyone can treat themselves and the people around them better and keep good communication.

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