Four manifestations of a man's secret crush on you being jealous (the most obvious manifestation of a boy's secret crush on you being jealous)

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Are men jealous of you? This means that he may be interested in you! The following are four jealous behaviors that he may show:

Four manifestations of a man

1. Show a protective desire: He will feel uncomfortable with the interaction of your friends or other men and try to occupy your time.

2. Look unhappy: When he sees you interacting with other men, he may suddenly become unhappy, which shows that he has deep feelings for you.

3. Obvious alienation: If he suddenly starts to alienate you, it may be because he finds himself unable to control his emotions. He has realized his secret love and wants to protect himself.

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4. avoid talking about feelings: if you try to understand his feelings deeply, he may become very silent. This doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like you. Sometimes a man may not want to express his feelings because he is afraid of being rejected or hurt.

these performances are not universal rules for all men. Everyone is different, and every relationship is different. If you are sure that you are liked, you might as well test his feelings. Good luck!

Four manifestations of a man

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