What does the white rose mean, What is the flower language

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White rose, with soft petals and fragrant smell, is a very beautiful flower. As a flower language, it represents purity, nobility and love. On many occasions, white roses are used as gifts to express people's good wishes for each other.

What does the white rose mean, What is the flower language

For many people, white represents purity, while roses represent love. Thus, the white rose has become a symbol of true love and purity. In many romantic love stories, white roses play a very important role. In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast once presented a bunch of white roses to the beautiful woman, expressing her love. In the Oscar-winning film The Godfather, the godfather Michael Corleone presented a bunch of white roses when he first pursued Xiali, the sister of his late wife.

White roses also have noble meanings. In Britain, white roses are regarded as heraldic plants, representing nobility and purity. In the political activities of some countries, white roses are also used as symbols of peace, freedom and democracy. In 1991, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, opponents in Ukraine presented a bunch of white roses to Soviet leader Gorbachev to express their desire for freedom and democracy.

White roses play an important role in weddings, funerals and other special occasions. At weddings, brides often hold a bunch of white roses to express their purity and commitment to love and marriage. In the funeral, white roses represent the respect and love for the dead.

As a flower language, white roses represent purity, nobility and love. In different occasions and cultures, the white rose plays different roles, but its beauty and grace remain unchanged.

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