What does emotional infidelity mean (which behaviors belong to emotional infidelity)

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emotional infidelity actually refers to emotional infidelity, mental infidelity and spiritual connection with others. This phenomenon is more subtle and difficult to detect than physical infidelity.

What does emotional infidelity mean (which behaviors belong to emotional infidelity)

emotional infidelity is not an ethical behavior, but its influence is no less than physical infidelity. In marriage or love relationship, although the person in charge believes that he has not betrayed, he has cheated on the other half. Emotional derailment has led to problems in his relationship with others, and may even lead to serious consequences such as family breakdown and emotional breakdown.

so how to avoid emotional infidelity? We need to know what elements our emotional life needs, such as stability, listening, caring and companionship. Then, we should analyze our emotional state, understand the real needs, and then through mutual tolerance and understanding with our partners, strengthen communication and reach a consensus, so as to avoid the occurrence of emotional infidelity.

We should also pay attention to our own life, have our own living space and hobbies, get along with friends or peers, balance all aspects of life and reduce the pressure of emotional life.

emotional infidelity is no longer a minority problem in the current society. Everyone should realize its influence and move towards a positive and healthy emotional life. We should cherish each other's relationship, manage it with our heart, and don't easily crack our feelings to make them more firm and beautiful.

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