What does emotional infidelity mean, What is emotional infidelity

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emotional infidelity refers to the behavior or psychology that one party is emotionally or spiritually ambiguous with a third party in a marriage or love relationship. Although there is no direct physical infidelity, it violates each other's trust and dignity.

What does emotional infidelity mean, What is emotional infidelity

what is emotional infidelity? Chatting frequently with a member of the opposite sex, the topic of which involves personal feelings and shows a special emotional relationship, belongs to emotional infidelity's category. It also belongs to emotional infidelity to meet or communicate with a specific opposite sex at a certain frequency for various reasons, to open one's mind, or to seek comfort from the other party. It is also emotional infidelity who has a high emotional dependence on a certain person and shows excessive concern and concern for him.

what should I do if I find myself or people around me with emotional infidelity? Communication is the most important thing, be honest with each other, find the crux, reflect and correct yourself. It is necessary to strengthen family relations, create a good interactive atmosphere and create a sense of security and trust. If the situation is serious, you can seek the help of professionals and get a more scientific and effective solution.

emotional infidelity, although there is no direct physical infidelity, has destroyed the soul of the other half to some extent and weakened the love foundation of each other. Only with the joint efforts of each other, we can create a close relationship of mutual trust and frankness, and we can really protect the beauty of love.

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