What do you mean by chop and change, How do men chop and change their feelings

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chop and change is a long-standing idiom, which means that there is no perseverance in doing things. At first, you want to do three things, and then you want to do four things. This idiom can also be used to describe people's emotional ambiguity and indecision.

What do you mean by chop and change, How do men chop and change their feelings

it often happens that men are emotionally fickle, especially in the ambiguous period before they have a definite relationship. They may tell you that I want to have a good development with you, but at the same time they are ambiguous with other women, which makes you fall into a quagmire of feelings, getting deeper and deeper but unable to extricate yourself.

This kind of fickle behavior makes women very sad and annoyed, because they really like this man and want to have further development with him. But men's ambiguity and bad faith make them unable to find the direction, and it is not easy to grasp it.

However, this kind of fickle man is not unacceptable to all women. Some women even think it is a kind of stimulation and challenge, which makes them work harder to conquer this man. This kind of behavior is also very dangerous, because it is difficult to determine the man's real thoughts and attitudes.

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if you meet a man who is fickle, you might as well think about what you want and whether you are willing to accept such a challenge. If you really want this man, then you should be more excellent and make him feel that you are a woman worth cherishing. If you think this man is not what you want, then stay away as soon as possible, and don't let yourself waste time and feelings for an unworthy person.

A man who changes his mind needs guidance and education. If you really want to be with him, you should have a good talk with him and tell him what your desired relationship is like. If he really loves you and respects you, he will make the right choice and stop changing his mind.

What do you mean by chop and change, How do men chop and change their feelings

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