A joke story about how to make girls happy (a joke that makes girls happy)

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A joke story about how to make girls happy (a joke that makes girls happy)

Making girls happy is a compulsory course for men, because if girls are unhappy, no one can be happy. And a light and humorous joke story is the secret to make girls happy and relaxed. Today, we will share some jokes to make girls happy and make you more handy in life.

joke story 1: hilarious scene

In the story, a boy desperately pulled his bike out of his boyfriend's seat, but he never succeeded.

The girl said, "You cough a few times first, and I'll call an ambulance." The boy was amused at once.

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Then the boy smiled, "What fun, I want to hug you and hug you to death!" The girl doubled up with laughter when she heard it.

A joke story about how to make girls happy (a joke that makes girls happy)

When the boy didn't take out his bike once, they both laughed until they shivered. Such a funny plot quickly mobilized the girl's mood and made her let go of all her troubles and just laugh happily.

Laughter is a good mood regulator. No matter what situation you are in, it can help you forget unhappy things and adjust your mood.

joke story 2: gag

Girls are afraid of reptiles, so when a boy told her a joke "It's just a snake made of butterflies", the girl believed it, because the boy didn't seem to lie either.

Later, the boy said to the girl, "You are stupid! If it is just a snake turned into a butterfly, then Ma Yun is just an auction fraudster. "

Girls are not only not angry, but also smile from ear to ear, and boys are very happy. This simple joke story can also adjust girls' mood very well.

At this time, the girl discovered that the boy was always by her side and deeply loved her.

Generally speaking, joke stories don't need a long speech, and they are not the most important thing. The most important thing is to have a tailor-made joke story, so as to adjust the girl's mood to a better state more deeply.

Joke Story 3: Looking for Inspiration from Others

A man said to his wife, "Girls who write about the excessive world are the most popular in love, because they have rich imagination and can fully reflect the gentleness and loveliness of women."

when his wife heard this, she immediately laughed.

when men laugh, women laugh more.

A joke story about how to make girls happy (a joke that makes girls happy)

This joke tells us that jokes can come from people around us, and we can learn many ways to make girls laugh in our daily life.

The best way is to know a girl's hobbies and hobbies, and then find a light and humorous story in this respect to make her laugh.

Joke Story 4: Simplicity and Truth

If you feel that you haven't found a good story for a long time, you can start with the simplest one. For example, it just said a simple joke, or a humorous comment.

I forgot Mummy didn't find out until this afternoon.

Mummy: "How can you be so heartless?"

The baby said disdainfully, "I'm afraid it will find that I have forgotten it."

this is very humorous, and at the same time, it shows the baby's sense of innocence to the fullest.

jokes can complement the conversation between you and her. Let her feel that you are familiar with her words and deeds and have been paying attention to her.

Joke Story 5: Funny and Cute

just one paragraph can dissolve a girl's unhappiness. Let her laugh loudly and make her feel refreshed. For example, such a joke story:

Today, something terrible happened in my nest. My parents brought me back and gave me a refund of 50,000 yuan.

A joke story about how to make girls happy (a joke that makes girls happy)

such a short paragraph contains funny and lovely contents, and at the same time it leaves room for people. Imagine this scene, and you will feel so cute and lovely, because its joke lies not in the story itself, but in its cuteness, naughty, funny and interesting.

It's great to learn to coax girls. These jokes and stories shared here will probably help you avoid some embarrassing scenes in your life. Remember more importantly, to make her feel warm, safe and happy by your side, it is most important to accompany her with your heart.

A good joke story may only need one paragraph, and it can also adjust people's mood from a tired and unhappy state to a comfortable and happy state, which is one of the best ways to make girls happy.

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