What to talk about on a blind date These topics are really unmistakable (where is a blind date suitable for going).

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blind date is an important event in people's lives, because it is an important way to find your partner and an important communication. Generally speaking, the topic of blind date is about occupation, interests, hobbies, etc. Let's talk about it in detail for everyone.

What to talk about on a blind date These topics are really unmistakable (where is a blind date suitable for going).

topic 1: occupation

Occupation is one of the common topics in blind date. After all, occupation is an important attribute in people's daily life. It is necessary to know each other's occupation first. It is a good choice to ask the other person's position, work place, work content, etc. You can ask the other person what problems they have encountered in their work and what aspects of their work you are very interested in.

There's also a workplace tip. You can talk with each other about how to face the difficulties in the workplace and find your own development direction in the future.

Some people are "ambitious" about their careers, while others are more concerned about the stability of their jobs. It is suggested to communicate according to the concerns of both sides, instead of focusing on pleasant words, we should ensure that we treat each other truly in the future.

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finally, don't ask about the salary of the other party. After all, it will not help the development of the relationship, but will leave a bad impression on the other party.

What to talk about on a blind date These topics are really unmistakable (where is a blind date suitable for going).

topic 2: hobbies

the topic of hobbies is a very important topic in blind date, because hobbies may become a pleasant point in future.

You can ask each other what they like to do, where they like to play, what music they like to listen to, what movies they like to watch, and so on. You can also know whether the other person likes sports and reading through these topics. In communication, it is suggested to express your views actively, such as your favorite movies, places you want to go and so on.

If you don't know much about each other's hobbies, you can also learn more about each other's hobbies by recommending some activities, music and movies to yourself, and the other party will thank you for your concern and respect for their hobbies.

It should be noted that you should be careful with your words in communication, and don't use harsh words. After all, everyone likes their interests and hobbies to be respected and understood by others.

Topic 3: Chatting Skills

Chatting skills are a powerful booster in blind date, which can make you communicate with each other smoothly, ease the embarrassment and tension in communication, and make it easier to get the other person's favor. Here are some chat techniques:

active listening: when chatting, don't just talk to yourself, but also listen to each other's opinions and ideas. This will allow you to find common ground and make communication smoother.

In-depth topics: Don't get caught up in trivial conversations. You can talk about some in-depth topics appropriately, which can be social issues of common concern or others.

Don't swear, swear at each other, be friendly: even if you disagree with each other's opinions, you should express your opinions with a positive attitude to avoid disputes caused by excessive words.

Pay attention to expressions: In the process of dating, real expressions are very important. Even if the topic is not very smooth, as long as you keep a peaceful attitude and mentality, the natural expression will leave a good impression on the other party.

Timing is right: If the topic is not smooth, you can adjust the direction of the topic appropriately and don't turn to other topics directly.

What to talk about on a blind date These topics are really unmistakable (where is a blind date suitable for going).

topic 4: dating places

Dating place is one of the important links of blind date. The choice of place can eliminate the embarrassment and strangeness of both parties and contribute to the smooth development of dating. For dating places, we can consider them from the following angles:

Quiet environment: Choose a quiet place, so that you can relax and enjoy each other's company and avoid the influence of loud and noisy people.

interesting places: some interesting places can also be a good choice for dating, such as amusement parks and zoos. Interaction and frolicking can reduce the resistance of communication, and at the same time deepen the impression between each other.

Restaurants, cafes, etc.: Simple dinner or sitting together to talk is also a good way to date. Adding a warm atmosphere under the sofa can make you communicate more freely.

topic 5: the process of dating

The dating process is also one of the important links in blind date dating. If the process is reasonable, it can make the dating more smoothly. I suggest you consider the following aspects:

emotional part: you can pay attention to some small gifts, small bouquets, etc. Say hello to each other as soon as they arrive and express their feelings in person.

communication and interaction: during the dating process, you can have a theme and purpose, and at the same time, you can have some small games and interactions to make the communication between you more interesting.

Etiquette and rules: Pay attention to etiquette and rules in dating, for example, pay attention to the sound of your tongue jerking when eating, and set the plate beautifully.

Atmosphere and aftertaste: After the date, both parties can share their feelings and thoughts about the date, leaving some beautiful memories and aftertaste for each other.

No matter whether the blind date is successful or not, I believe I will always learn some communication skills and love experience from it. Just like many things in life, blind date also takes time, so here, I wish everyone can find her in the future.

What to talk about on a blind date These topics are really unmistakable (where is a blind date suitable for going).

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