What should you pay attention to when watching movies with girls (5 flirting skills for dating girls to watch movies)

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Go into the cinema and listen to the common story immersed in the darkness. This is a wonderful and romantic experience, especially if you go to the cinema with the girl you like. Want to learn some skills of watching movies on a date? In this article, we will share 5 flirting skills to ensure that you have an unforgettable and enjoyable dating experience.

What should you pay attention to when watching movies with girls (5 flirting skills for dating girls to watch movies)

1. Choose movies and shows in advance

in order to make the meeting more smooth, it is very important to determine a movie and the number of times in advance. If you haven't discussed movies before, you can refer to her own preferences, comments or word-of-mouth movies that are being shown. Moreover, it is best to book movie tickets in advance, so as to avoid waiting in line for a long time.

if you want to try a novel movie experience, you can choose a special cinema, such as IMAX, 4D or VIP cinema. This unusual option may lead to more topics in dating.

it's important to know in advance whether she likes horror movies. Don't risk watching horror movies at the beginning of the date, because the psychological environment around you may make you both feel uneasy and edify the dating atmosphere.

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2. Choose a seat

What should you pay attention to when watching movies with girls (5 flirting skills for dating girls to watch movies)

a good position can always enhance the atmosphere of awareness and relaxation. It's best not to sit too far in front, too far back or too close to the projection area, which will affect the viewing effect of the movie and the conversation between you. If you have differences in the choice of seats, you'd better solve the problem politely and find the middle position.

if you need to eat while watching the movie, then don't choose a location that is too remote. In some cinemas, some seats are located very close to the wall and are difficult to reach. Especially during the film screening, when you need to go in and out, it will make both sides feel very embarrassed.

no matter what kind of seats you choose, you should ensure each other's viewing experience, and don't disturb other viewers' viewing.

3. Be present in advance

imagine that you encounter unexpected situations while waiting for the end of the movie theater: the planned tickets are misunderstood, the seats are sold out, and the exit from the movie is delayed. These uncertain factors are likely to ruin the dating atmosphere and even make the dating baby feel embarrassed or dissatisfied. In order to avoid this situation, you can wait at the gate of the cinema in advance to ensure that the situation in the cinema is accurate and clear.

4. Don't be afraid to share your feelings

She will be more willing to share her feelings if you can honestly express her comments on the movie after the movie. This is very important. Because sharing feelings is a good way to avoid both parties becoming embarrassed during the dating process.

If you want to discuss the movie, you should avoid revealing too much plot analysis, because she may not have seen the end of the movie yet, which is likely to make her feel preconceived in the process of watching the movie. If she wants to hear more stories voluntarily, you can reveal them at this time.

You can also share some questions or documentaries related to movies with her. This will provide you with more interesting topics to explore, and it will also help you better understand her feelings and reactions.

5. Don't forget to break the level limit

It seems that watching a movie doesn't require any action, but it's different from the point of view of flirting. If you really like this girl, you can consider taking her to a hot spot in her favorite bun shop, ice cream shop, bar or coffee shop on the top floor after the movie. In a meeting room or a noisy place, turn off the movie story clues, so that you will be more interested in chatting, and at the same time make her feel that you are willing to spend more time learning about her life, interests, family, work or other things.

Watching movies is an opportunity for understanding and communication. Taking your favorite girl to the movies is a romantic and meaningful experience. Here, you can share and talk about some of your desired visions or feelings, which will not only enrich your insights and knowledge, but also make you closer in mind and emotion. As long as you follow the above tips, determine a good location, book the movie story in advance, share your feelings about the movie, and so on, then you will definitely have an unforgettable and happy date. Good luck!

What should you pay attention to when watching movies with girls (5 flirting skills for dating girls to watch movies)

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