Chasing girls' sentences, these ten love words definitely work!

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It's not easy to chase a girl. You need proper words to make her feel good. The following ten love words can make you successfully catch up with her heart.

Chasing girls

The first love story: You are really a smart girl

Girls like smart boys. Using this love story can make girls feel attractive and want to associate with you more.

Next, we can cooperate with some performances of her intelligence, such as her written works, manners and words, writing or drawing.

However, it should be noted that cleverness does not mean good grades. If you link cleverness with academic performance, sometimes girls will not like it.

At this time, you can say, "I think mediocre upstarts are cute, and only people who are confident are smart.". In this way, she will think that you are tolerant and will not put too much pressure on her.

Chasing girls

or you can tell her the standard of cleverness in your mind and whether she meets your standard, which can also successfully attract her favor.

The second love story: Your eyes are really beautiful

Many people say that love is the communication between eyes. It is also a good way to compliment each other's eyes.

Girls are very happy to be appreciated, and they have natural confidence in their eyes. So it is also very useful to praise her eyes with this sentence.

At this time, she will ask you why, and you can answer "Because your eyes are clear" or "Because you have a soul in your eyes, your expression can tell a story". As long as the praise is emotional, she will easily have a good impression.

remember not to stare too long, it will make people uncomfortable.

the third love story: I really like your smile

a smile is a girl's best makeup, and it can always be remembered. So you can compliment her smile with this sentence.

You can also say that her smile makes you feel free and happy, or anything that can make her feel that her smile is beautiful. In this way, she will feel attractive and happier.

In life, you can encourage her to smile more. When a girl smiles more, she will feel warmer and closer to you.

At the same time, you should also learn to look at everything in life with a smile. Only in this way can we discover the power of a smile.

The fourth love story: You are really my muse

Chasing girls

This sentence implies that girls are deeply touched by your creativity and inspiration. Then she will feel special. You have a good eye.

If a girl knows something about art, literature, movies, etc., you can use some advanced words to express your feelings, so that she can feel that you are thoughtful.

This sentence also reveals your admiration for her and makes her feel very admired.

and you should also learn to appreciate the beauty in this world and life. Only by relaxing physically and mentally can we live a better life and make ourselves attractive to her.

The fifth love story: You are the person who often appears in my dreams

Girls like to be cared for, and they prefer to be considered as important people in others' hearts. This sentence can express that you have accepted her subconsciously and it is easy to make her feel welcome.

When expressing this sentence, you can also tell some stories about her in your dream. Very moist and silent, let her inadvertently have a good impression.

In life, you can also take actions to enhance the persuasiveness of this sentence. For example, pay attention to her preferences, talk to her about topics of interest, give her more attention and help, and so on.

In this way, your words and actions will have more powerful effects.

the sixth love story: can we be friends?

in the process of pursuing her, it is very important to become friends first. Because through normal communication, we can get to know each other, and it is easier to establish a good impression on each other.

It is very appropriate to be friends before establishing a love relationship.

Chasing girls

Finally, it should be noted that friendship is not the same as ordinary friends. You need to pay more attention, help and care for her to prove your sincerity and love and make her feel your feelings more easily.

seventh love story: I really like you

it is very important to express directly. If your feelings for her are already clear, it is also a very important step to confess to her at an appropriate time.

With this sentence, you can express your sincerity and seriousness, and it is also a very romantic moment. Most importantly, a pure love is what everyone pursues.

It should be noted that the best time to express your love is when you are in a good communication stage, and you should be prepared to be rejected. But no matter what the result is, as long as you really like her, you can keep a calm mind.

The eighth love story: You are the only one in my life

This is a very powerful love story, which can make a girl's heartstrings shake. If this sentence is just right, then she will have special feelings for you.

But remember, if you want to say this, you should really regard her as your "only person in this life".

If you just perfunctory, she will think you are a sanctimonious loverboy instead of liking you.

We should also understand that "the only thing in this life" is also forcibly established by paranoia. When you can look at life and love calmly, you can really have long-lasting love.

ninth love story: I am willing to give up everything for you

If you already deeply like a girl, then her position in your heart is irreplaceable. Then you can use this sentence to express your determination and commitment to her.

Chasing girls

this is also a very thoughtful sentence, which can express your sincerity and practical actions.

It may be risky to give up everything for a girl. We should keep rational thinking and take down-to-earth actions to truly implement this sentence.

the tenth love story: I am satisfied with you around

This sentence can convey that your love for her is simple and sincere. You don't need too many fancy words and actions, she is enough by your side.

You can add some warm pictures after this sentence, such as taking a nap with her and watching the sunset together. Let her feel your cherish and love for her.

after that, you can start a happy ending.

it takes more than one sentence to chase a girl. There are still many true love stories. The most important thing is to use your brains and express your feelings accurately in your own words, so that girls can be tempted by you.

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