What if straight men can't chat (5 ways for straight men to chat without embarrassment)

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In modern society, human beings communicate in a variety of ways, and a person's popularity can even affect his social development and career development. There is a group of people who are embarrassed in the crowd, and that is straight men. Straight men are straightforward and simple, introverted, and often can't chat, which makes them feel uncomfortable and helpless in communication. This article will summarize how straight men chat and teach you how to chat without embarrassment.

What if straight men can

1. Listen to each other and respond positively

When chatting, many straight men always talk by themselves, which makes the other person feel left out. When you speak, you only care about yourself and ignore the feelings of others. No matter how good the topic is, it will become a factor of collapse. We should consciously slow down the speed of speaking, listen to each other rationally, show the importance of communication with actions, pay close attention to each other's eyes, language intonation and posture, respond, and dig deep into the topic according to each other's topic.

When chatting, you can expand the topic by responding. For example, if the other person talks about a topic that you are not familiar with, you can use some clever language to make the other person feel that you are also a person who is keen on this kind of topic, or use some examples related to this topic to express your views. This will increase the fun of communication and make you more popular.

When responding to the other person, try to avoid only answering "yes" or "no" which seems very rigid. You can answer "yes", "yes", "yes, but I think …" and other detours, which makes the other party feel that you are very adaptable to the current environment and have strong communication skills.

Second, prepare some chat topics in advance

What if straight men can

Many people often feel very anxious when facing a complete stranger or someone they want to communicate deeply. At this time, the best way is to prepare some chat topics in advance. These topics can be of their own interest. Foreigners often say "small talk", talk about trivial and entertaining topics, and start with the opening remarks, telling personal experiences, interesting things in life and different hot topics at present. You can start with the surrounding things, current social events and the hottest topics at the moment, find common topics with each other, show your cleverness and interest in life, and don't be too important or extreme to avoid disputes.

These topics don't have to force the other person to know everything completely, but you can explore their hobbies in daily life and share them with each other, which will make you two more tacit.

Third, show your knowledge and hobbies

If the other party raises a topic that seems a little unpopular, you might as well ask whether the other party is equally interested and talk about your unique views on this topic. You can also pretend that you are interested in this topic, but in fact you are not familiar with it. Through such an excuse, you can guide the other party to discuss the topic in depth and show their wisdom and knowledge. However, if the topic raised by the other party is not familiar with you, it is suggested to ask him for more information or ask some questions about relevant knowledge, which will make the other party feel that you are very enthusiastic and professional about the topic.

your hobbies are also good conversation materials when chatting. Simply stating your hobbies may seem a bit boring. You can show your personal charm by turning daily stories into humorous and attractive stories, or turning your childhood experiences into lively and interesting conversations.

Fourth, have a sense of self-ridicule

Whether in the workplace or in life, occasionally poking fun at yourself in various occasions will make you close and interesting. Straight men are calm by nature and often don't know how to entertain the masses with themselves as the leading role. When chatting, one can change from "bring disgrace to oneself" to "outsmart his brow". Making fun of yourself by taking advantage of your self-denial, you can get recognition and even sympathy from others in a short time, and then bring your relationship closer.

But it should be noted that when teasing yourself, you still need to pay attention to your posture and elegant speech to see if those jokes don't match the tone of the other party or the atmosphere of chatting. If you are too slow about idle talk, it will be difficult for you to get approval from others when chatting. Clever use of a sense of humor, adjust their posture and literary mood, funny is a mysterious weapon in social occasions.

5. Eye contact is very important in chatting

in the best-selling book mind reading, the author often mentions that the way to decipher other people's psychology is eye contact. Eye contact is the most attractive and discussed way. Eye contact can increase the interactivity of communication and increase trust and attraction. When you are chatting, try to keep your eyes open and firm, share your feelings with a proper sense of humor, build trust and emotional connection with your eyes and smiles, and make the chat more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Straight men can also master the skills and ideas of chatting well, but they should pay attention to the appropriate opportunities and occasions to avoid extreme or offensive topics or events when talking. Choose a topic and chat happily, and you can cross the barriers of interpersonal relationships.

These are five ways for straight men to chat without embarrassment. I hope it will help everyone.

What if straight men can

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