Dating chat skills, dating chat routines with high emotional intelligence

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Dating is a very important part. During dating, chatting skills are very important. People with high emotional intelligence can use various dating chat routines to make each other feel comfortable. Today, we will share some dating and chatting skills with high emotional intelligence.

Dating chat skills, dating chat routines with high emotional intelligence

number one: listen and respond

in the process of dating, listening to others express their feelings is the key to make them feel good. It is very important to express your own views, but more importantly, you can understand and respond to each other's views. When the other person is telling his own story, he can find some key points in this story and ask them in depth. When they talk about some common topics, they can try to find some common ground and share some experiences. In the real performance, it can leave a good impression on the other side, and then improve the mood.

When expressing your ideas, you can use some simple language skills. For example, first show that you are listening through short responses such as "yes" and "yes", and use some words that reflect personality appropriately to answer the other person's questions, so as to attract the other person's attention.

when it exceeds 50%, the chat time between the two parties will not exceed 40 minutes. In the limited time, it is suggested to pay more attention to each other's ideas and let them have enough space to express themselves.

If you can't understand each other's point of view sometimes, you can use "Could you explain it in detail?" Or "Can you give me another example?" And other language skills to help you understand.

Dating chat skills, dating chat routines with high emotional intelligence

the most important thing in chatting is the details. For example, you can make a Heineken Beer Bird by yourself to surprise each other. Or find that the other person likes to drink juice in a chat, and quietly put a bottle of juice in the backpack when we meet next time. In daily chat, paying attention to each other's details can make each other feel valued and increase their feelings.

the second trick: explore each other's personality from multiple angles

The other person is a unique individual, with his own personality and values. To make the other person feel warm and satisfied, we need to take the other person as the center, understand the inner world of the other person through chatting, and show their own characteristics. By understanding ta's hobbies, interests and values, we can deeply explore each other's personality, thus leaving a deep impression on each other.

It should be noted that the other person's personality is multifaceted and needs to be explored from multiple angles. For example, from ta's work, we can see his pursuit of career and his vision of responsibility; From ta's family background, we can know ta's warm family atmosphere and attention to family ties. From ta's circle of friends, we can see ta's social circle, enthusiasm and love. Exploring each other's personality in many ways can not only give rich topics, but also let you know each other better and establish a good relationship.

You can also start with some common topics or scenes, like a tree, and explore the deep essence from the details. Pay attention to details, you will get to know each other comprehensively and deeply, deepen contact with each other, and increase intimacy and goodwill.

For example, in the process of watching a horror movie with the other party, we can find that ta is actually a bit afraid of ghosts. When you know that the ideal vacation place in ta's vision is a natural scenic spot, you might as well choose to take ta for a walk in a place far away from the city one day. Finding common ground from it can greatly enhance mutual resonance.

the third measure: love words are gentle, implying the possibility of love

when dating, it is very beautiful to be emotional. Appropriate timing, good ways and high emotional intelligence can add more sweet love talk interactions to each other.

But love words and love are too superficial to be regarded as normal topics, so be careful when using them. The so-called love words don't have to be disgusting, and the right time and method will make it possible to show love. For example, after the other party shares some experiences or memories, you can admire his courage and sincerity; Or when the other party is eager for a certain age and wants to make any changes, they can convey their support, express their expectations for the future of the other party, and guide the other party to get close to themselves.

The specific content of love words depends on how well you know each other. At the right time, with the help of each other's experience, it is also a good way to discuss digital or musical music and share your own feelings. Verbal expression of emotions can fully show the authenticity of emotions. In the process of love talk, it is unnecessary to bluff. The key is to express true and profound feelings in order to make the other party feel really warm.

Step 4: Be an interesting date companion

In the process of dating, hinting at your cuteness and wisdom will make you look personal and interesting. When the heart is more mature, the wisdom will be higher and higher, the more you can understand each other's feelings, and the more you can surprise each other in many ways. The dating process is like a sharing process, which requires not only ink but also creation. Putting forward words in a more creative way can leave a permanent impression on the opposite sex in China.

Dating chat skills, dating chat routines with high emotional intelligence

A feasible example is to use a handwritten signboard to express your enthusiasm during a lottery date in Las Vegas. Or when sharing a scary movie, provide comfort that makes the other party feel comfortable and give your own opinion before the other party. In this way, we can understand the thoughts of both sides, share interesting things better and create a romantic atmosphere.

When creating a tense atmosphere, it is very effective to come up with some clever ideas to break the embarrassing feeling. For example, in the self-breakthrough game "Short Video Game with Crying Points" with a high turn-back rate, the invitation of the other party to accept the challenge in the game can also greatly increase the feelings of sports.

Step 5: Pay attention to the rhythm of your mood

The atmosphere of talking and laughing and the sunny momentum can make the mood more cheerful. In the process of dating, we should give full play to our sense of humor and humor, and adjust the dating atmosphere with jokes and small surprises.

During dating, we should pay attention to understanding and grasping each other's feelings. When the other person feels uneasy, you can give an encouragement with a smile; When the other party is at a loss, you can use your wisdom to help them solve problems. You can also use your sense of humor to resolve embarrassment and promote the atmosphere.

It is particularly important to pay attention to the rhythm of mood in a cheerful atmosphere. An unhappy atmosphere will drag down the whole dating process and make each other feel uncomfortable. Some suggestions given after careful consideration in advance will balance the mood of both parties in the rhythm of mood and make the dating process more perfect.

In the process of dating, the most important thing is to respect each other, communicate sincerely and create a warm and open atmosphere. The dating atmosphere needs to be built and maintained by both parties. I believe our skills can help you master some tricks of dating and chatting, and talk with each other smoothly and interestingly!

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