What do girls hate most from boys (girls hate most from boyfriends)

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what do girls hate most from boys? Of course, it is those words that make the girls feel frustrated, helpless and angry. In emotional life, language is the bond of emotion, and inappropriate words of boys will reduce girls' trust and expectation of feelings. Let's take a look at what girls hate most from boys.

What do girls hate most from boys (girls hate most from boyfriends)

category I: irresponsible promises

girls like to be promised, but they hate to hear irresponsible promises. It is especially uncomfortable for girls to promise to go to the movies, have dinner, travel and give gifts, but later say they are busy or forget. Because those promises are meant to give girls a sense of security and trust, but failure to achieve them will leave girls with the impression of failure and disappointment.

The boy said to the girl, "I've always wanted to take you on a trip. I'll show you the plane ticket and hotel reservation later." Then the girl was happy to say to her friend, "We are going to travel!" But in the end, the boy said, "I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous this month. Let's go next time." What do girls think? She would ask herself, "Are boys playing with girls on purpose?"

Irresponsible promises will not only harm the feelings of girls, but also the credibility of boys. If you can't fulfill your promise for the time being, tell the girl the truth and leave her a real and credible impression.

category 2: disrespect and indifference to girls' language

What do girls hate most from boys (girls hate most from boyfriends)

Girls are very concerned about the way of speech and wording. The tone, words and expressions of boys will affect girls' understanding and grasp of emotions. Boys should respect and care about girls' words, and don't let her feel neglected and left out.

what is disrespectful language? Such as "you are not sensible" and "you can't do this, so why do you still do it?" "Why bother me with such a trivial matter?" Wait. This kind of speech will make girls feel targeted, belittled and even cause emotional pain. A girl's disrespect for a boy will make her shrink back and even feel completely disappointed.

If you don't care about girls' words, you don't pay attention to girls' opinions and feelings. For example, girls express their views, boys lightly refute or ridicule, or girls complain, but boys ignore them, which will make girls feel lost and lonely. Because in this context, a girl is "lying" or "hiding her feelings", and she lacks pleasure and emotional satisfaction.

the third category: losing your temper irrationally

When boys are angry or depressed, they will choose to lose their temper with girls. At this time, boys' emotions will completely control their behavior, resulting in irrational, immature and even insulting words.

Girls hate it when boys talk to her like this: "How can you, a cream girl, understand my work?" "You can't be a man, you don't know how to respect my family and work!" "You garbage girl, don't tell me anything!" Wait a minute. These words do not actually describe and solve problems, but are transformed into the relationship between girls and boys. Such words are obviously inexplicable offensive language, which will make girls depressed and powerless, and be misunderstood and humiliated.

Boys need to learn to control their emotions and emotions, and don't take girls as punching bags, because this way will not only not stabilize emotions, but will aggravate differences and conflicts caused by emotions.

the fourth category: not respecting and compromising the rights of girls

respecting girls' choices and opinions is a mature performance of boys. Boys should not disrespect girls in emotional quarrels, or unilaterally decide how to deal with emotional relationships or things. In this case, girls will feel that their rights have been trampled on, and at the same time think that boys can't face problems and challenges.

Boys shouldn't talk to girls like this: "I am my worldview, just get used to it!" "If you are with me, you must listen to me. You'd better not open your mouth!" "I think this is right, and you lose at this point!" Wait a minute. Such wording will make girls feel that they are not respected and restricted, thus increasing the instability of emotional relations.

Boys should learn to respect, compromise and attach importance to the rights of female students, and at the same time combine the interests of both sides to make better decisions and measures. This way of communication will make the emotional relationship more stable and healthy.

There are many kinds of words that girls hate most from boys, but in any case, the focus of girls is emotional respect and attention. Boys should learn to express themselves rationally, respect girls' choices and opinions, and not lose their temper in order to establish a healthy emotional relationship.

What do girls hate most from boys (girls hate most from boyfriends)

If boys can do this, girls will feel safer and more satisfied, and the relationship with boys will be closer and more stable. Let's learn to respect girls, care about girls and maintain their emotional health together!

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