How to get along well with the object (what if the object can't chat)

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in life, there are many people we call objects. These objects can be our friends, colleagues or lovers. No matter what kind of object it is, how can we get along with it? This article will discuss how to get along with people and what to do if you can't chat.

How to get along well with the object (what if the object can

create a common topic

We will meet people with different tastes, but that doesn't mean we can't get along. A common topic can help us get to know each other better and keep fluency in conversation. In order to get along with the object, we need to create common topics.

we need to know about this person's hobbies. You can know each other's hobbies by asking questions and beating around the bush. And once you know each other's hobbies, you can create a common topic. For example, if the other person likes watching movies, you can ask some questions related to movies, share some movies you like, or invite the other person to go to the movies with you.

In communication, we can also try to discuss things that are familiar to each other. For example, eating, traveling, music, movies and other aspects are all things that we often encounter in our lives. If you have the same experience with each other, you can share your previous experiences. In this way, you can get closer to each other and communicate more smoothly in the future.

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We can create common topics by discussing the current hot topics in society. In this way, even if you are not familiar with it before, you can enter the chat state. Bring a pleasant conversation experience, thus establishing a friendly relationship.

How to get along well with the object (what if the object can

listen and pay attention

facing different objects, we need to get along with them in different ways. Whether chatting with friends or communicating with lovers, you need to listen and pay attention.

For friends, we can maintain the friendship by listening and personalized attention. When something unhappy happens, friends need us to listen to their complaints and stories. At this time we can listen to them and give some consideration and comfort. Smiling, shaking hands, hugging or a simple message from the team can bring them comfort and help

For lovers, what is needed is more emotional attention. The other person's understanding of you is positively related to the degree of trust. When we cherish this person, attention becomes a normal expression. We need to know each other's lives, often send some small gifts, pay attention to some information, and maybe we can submit relationships and improve our feelings

Listening and paying attention can increase each other's sense of security, thus enhancing feelings and creating a better mode of getting along.

learn to share

Sharing means sharing your life experiences, ideas, books, music and movies with people you are interested in. If you don't share it, keeping silent for a long time will make people misunderstand themselves, thus undermining each other's communication invisibly.

The process of sharing is relatively simple. What needs to be done is to have a good attitude and just find the right time, place and object. For example, if you get together with friends, you can share some movies you are watching, books you are reading or music you are listening to, and invite them to share what they like.

But if you need to share it with your lover, you need to know their hobbies more carefully and get closer to each other at the right time.

sharing allows us to understand each other and listen to each other. In the process of sharing, we can see the different hearts of friends and lovers, so that we can appreciate and understand each other more.

where can't an object chat

We may meet someone we can't chat with, so we need to find a new way to get along

How to get along well with the object (what if the object can

We can try a quiet activity experience to relieve boredom. Such as: watching movies together, going for a walk in the park, watching exhibitions, attending trusteeship courses together, or making delicious food together, etc. This kind of getting along will find new topics in the activities.

we can play interesting games. For example: board games, playing cards, cards, etc., games can arouse everyone's mood and make the conversation more relaxed and happy.

in getting along, we need to respect each other. If the other person doesn't like to talk about a topic or chat, we need to understand and respect each other's thoughts and feelings. If we pay attention to and respect each other, they will also feel our care and consideration.

it is not always easy to get along with objects. We can get along with the object more happily by creating common topics, listening and paying attention, learning to share and finding new ways to get along. No matter what kind of object you face, as long as you listen, pay attention and share with your heart, you will definitely find a way suitable for you to get along.

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