What should I do if my emotional intelligence is very low How to improve EQ (what should I do if I feel my EQ is low)

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EQ refers to a person's ability in emotional management, social communication, emotional expression and interpersonal relationship. People with high emotional intelligence will be more successful and happy in social, professional and emotional life. Some people may feel that their emotional intelligence is not high enough, which leads to a disadvantage in interpersonal relationships and workplace competition. How should I improve my emotional intelligence?

What should I do if my emotional intelligence is very low How to improve EQ (what should I do if I feel my EQ is low)

understand the elements of emotional intelligence

EQ includes five elements: emotional management, self-awareness, self-regulation, emotional expression and interpersonal relationship. By studying these five elements, we can understand the meaning and connotation of EQ and find ways to improve EQ.

Emotional management includes understanding emotions, recognizing emotions and coping with emotions. Knowing your emotional state can better control your emotions and get along with others. Self-awareness includes understanding one's own values, beliefs and motives. This element can help a person to better understand himself and thus better handle the relationship with others. Self-regulation includes understanding your own behavior and emotions and adjusting them. This element can help a person to better deal with the interaction with others and his own emotional state. Emotional expression includes understanding others' feelings and expressing one's own. Interpersonal relationships include understanding the needs and situations of others and cooperating with others.

know your emotions

the first element of emotional intelligence is emotional management. When you know your own situation, you can try the following methods:

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What should I do if my emotional intelligence is very low How to improve EQ (what should I do if I feel my EQ is low)

Observe your emotions: Understand your emotional state, such as the changes of emotions, the sources of emotions, and how to deal with them.
Stress management: find ways to reduce stress, such as relaxing your body first, and then find ways to solve stressors.
Seek support and attention: don't face problems alone, but share your emotional experiences with close people.
Set your own emotional goals: You can set your own emotional goals, such as being friendly to others and controlling your emotions.

deepen self-awareness

Self-awareness is the second step to improve EQ. You can know yourself by the following methods:

self-questionnaire: you can design a self-questionnaire, understand your own values, beliefs and motives, think about the differences between yourself and others, and formulate improvement methods.
Diversified experience: You can take part in more different activities, experience different cultures and ideas, and try to find your own interests.
Learning new skills: learning new skills can gain new ways of cognition and thinking and enrich your life experience.

learn to adjust yourself

the third element of emotional intelligence is self-regulation. Here are some ways to help you better regulate your mood and behavior:

Find ways to improve your mood: You can use music, sports, art and other ways to relax your body and mind and achieve a better emotional state.
Find skills of self-regulation: such as planning your time reasonably and dealing with difficulties and accusations better.
Understanding and solving problems: Understand the problems you face, and then work out solutions to better manage your emotions.

learn to express emotions

the fourth element of emotional intelligence is emotional expression. Here are some ways to help you express your feelings better:

Know your emotions: You can evaluate your emotions and find a more appropriate expression.
Identify others' emotions: Knowing others' emotions can help us better understand their true intentions and cooperate with them.
Tracking emotional changes: Tracking and recording the emotional changes of yourself and others can help you better understand the situation and make appropriate responses.

establish good interpersonal relationships

the last element of emotional intelligence is interpersonal relationship. Here are some suggestions for building good interpersonal relationships:

Pay attention to other people's needs: understand other people's needs, find appropriate ways to meet their needs, and establish good interpersonal relationships.
Talking about cooperation and problem solving: When dealing with others, we should focus on problem solving and problem solving in cooperation, rather than blaming and attacking others.
Understand your choice and image: Try to understand your choice and image and stay positive and optimistic, which will help to establish good interpersonal relationships.

Improving EQ requires deliberate study and constant mastery. This process requires patience and persistence. I hope the suggestions in this article can help you improve your emotional intelligence and get along with others better.

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