What are the topics that boys usually talk about when chasing girls (10 routines for girls to chase boys)

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In our life, it is very common for boys to chase girls. In the pursuit process, how to try every means to attract the attention of girls and improve the success rate of chasing girls? This paper will discuss the topics that boys usually talk about chasing girls, hoping to help boys who are eager to chase girls.

What are the topics that boys usually talk about when chasing girls (10 routines for girls to chase boys)

topic 1: hobbies

at first contact, talking about hobbies is a very basic topic. You can find each other's interests and hobbies through simple greetings and exchanges, and use them as the starting point for chatting. For example, if a girl likes singing, you can ask her for some singing skills or some good songs, which can not only increase the topic of chat, but also enhance the feelings of both sides.

But in this topic, boys should be careful not to exaggerate their abilities, otherwise they will leave a false impression on girls.

If girls are not interested in certain topics, don't ask questions blindly, but learn to change the topic, so as not to make girls feel bored or stressed.

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When talking about hobbies, both parties should keep interacting and share their own experiences or ideas, which will increase the other party's goodwill towards you.

What are the topics that boys usually talk about when chasing girls (10 routines for girls to chase boys)

If two people have the same hobbies, they can make an appointment for activities to get to know each other better.

topic 2: work and study

besides hobbies, talking about work and study is also a good topic. You can introduce your career or study, as well as the difficulties and gains you have encountered at present. You can also ask about each other's occupation or study, which is helpful for mutual understanding and deeper communication.

What boys need to pay attention to is not to talk about their work or professional knowledge blindly. Girls may not be interested, which will make girls feel that they have weakened their entertainment personality.

When talking about work and study, be careful not to let the chat become monotonous. You can add some light topics to make the chat more interesting.

don't always lead the conversation to work and study, but learn to use light and pleasant topics to ease the atmosphere.

If both parties have common topics in work or study, they can exchange ideas or questions with each other to enhance each other's impression.

topic 3: weekend planning

If boys are already familiar with girls, chatting about weekend plans is also a very good topic. You can ask girls what they like to do on weekends, whether they want to travel anywhere, and even discuss weekend plans with girls.

When talking about weekend plans, boys can do research and preparation in advance, use search engines or travel websites to find good destinations or travel strategies, and even joke that they have prepared their trips for this weekend in advance.

But in the process of talking about weekend plans, it should be noted that many girls are very concerned about the safety of travel, and boys must pay attention to the safety and needs of girls during the trip.

If they really make travel plans, then the boys should try their best to take care of the girls during the trip and bring them unforgettable memories.

What are the topics that boys usually talk about when chasing girls (10 routines for girls to chase boys)

topic 4: food and preferences

It is also a good topic for boys and girls to talk about their favorite foods and tastes, and also to discuss some interesting restaurants and food festivals. Boys can take this opportunity to invite girls to dinner, which is also a good opportunity to enhance their feelings.

When talking about delicious food, boys should be careful not to be picky about food and respect girls' different eating habits and tastes. Boys can also ask girls some questions in the field of food to increase their interactive experience.

When talking about food and hobbies, don't pursue the gorgeous environment and texture excessively. Girls often pay more attention to the taste and the quality of ingredients.

If two people like food and cooking, they can try to cook together and try to cook different foods and tastes, which can not only increase interaction, but also create a romantic atmosphere.

topic 5: trivia of life

In addition to the above topics, it is also a very good choice to talk about trivial matters of life. You can talk about some interesting things and interesting little details in daily life, such as sharing some funny videos and photos. At an appropriate time, boys can also use their sense of humor and teasing methods appropriately to attract girls' attention.

But when talking about trivial things in life, boys need to pay attention to their performance, and don't let girls feel that they are too frivolous or not serious.

In the process of talking about daily chores, you can also properly show your family background and growth path in your own family or family environment, and bring your own personal experience and emotional experience. In this way, girls can learn more about themselves and increase the interactive experience between them.

When chatting about trivial things in life, don't let the other person feel that chatting is just monotonous information transmission. You can use warm language or humorous tone to increase the interest of chatting.

Chasing girls is not a piece of cake, but as long as both parties are in tune, they can become a couple full of happiness and love. As long as we master the appropriate topics, treat people sincerely and express ourselves attentively, we can enhance our ability to attract girls in chat and win their hearts.

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