What does it mean for girls to pick their noses to express their feelings How to reply with high emotional intelligence

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when you receive a girl's expression of picking her nose with her finger in the chat window, you get a clear message: she doesn't care about the disgusting degree of this move. But how should you respond? What is the response of high emotional intelligence?

What does it mean for girls to pick their noses to express their feelings How to reply with high emotional intelligence

stay calm

in the face of a seemingly embarrassing situation, keeping calm is the way to deal with high emotional intelligence. As an interesting but awkward emoji, it can be regarded as an easy thing for girls to send out emoji with their fingers picking their nostrils. Never mind the disgusting degree of this emoji.

When you see a girl make such an expression, you can take the strategy of keeping calm. Try to control your emotions and keep your heart calm.

Here are some humorous expressions that are suitable for responding to the girl's nose-buttoning emoji:

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"Is there a new coal mine in your nose?"
"I found a crazy person with a buttoned nose ahead!"
"It feels like a good time to find inspiration for yoga!"
"Stop it, you'll cut your nose off!"

Try to understand the meaning of its expression

What does it mean for girls to pick their noses to express their feelings How to reply with high emotional intelligence

The emoji of buttoning the nose has many different meanings, but its main meaning is usually joking or joking. If a girl sends you this expression, then you can assume that she is joking or wants you to joke.

if you are an experienced chatterbox, you may not be surprised. You usually think that your good friend will joke like this, so your interpretation of this news is correct. If you don't know this girl, then you can interpret her emoji in an appropriate way.

To understand the meaning of the emoji of buttoning the nose issued by girls, here are some short answers suitable for asking questions:

"Is this your typical behavior?"
"Is this the bottom line for you to show me yourself?"
"Well, you are really creative!"
"Are you preparing for next year's New Year's resolution?"

respond with a sense of humor

People with high EQ usually use humor to quickly digest this somewhat embarrassing situation. Even if your internal reaction is not so good, try to lead the conversation to a more interesting and relaxed topic. Use some funny jokes or interesting topics to show your smart and funny side to each other.

Some humorous expressions that are suitable for responding to girls' nose-buttoning emoticons:

"Congratulations, you have become our booger queen!"
"In this way, let's form a new root band! You are the lead singer, I am the drummer, and then we need a bass player! "
"Oh, is this our new ice bucket challenge?"
"Are you challenging me? I think I can do better than you! " ,

don't take the opportunity to apply this expression

Although the nose-buttoning emoji may indicate some support or reaction of the other party to you, it is not very suitable to express your attitude. If you use this expression to express your attitude, it is likely to be misunderstood. Resist the urge to use any expression that may make your chat partner look at you less.

Here are some emoticons that you shouldn't use even if you are joking:

The "suicide" emoji played by the players (usually a potato or a middle-aged man) indicates that you are going to surrender, make a living or give up, which is dangerous in Joe's sports, personal life and work.
Emoji of spitting, which may be regarded as offensive or disgusting to others, even if you just want to make others relax.
Emoji of fighting or bullying, even in jokes, can become a celebration of conflict or violence.
Inappropriate or dangerous emoticons, for example, if the other person publishes something that he may trip over or be hit by a car, then sending smiley faces may be inappropriate and may make the other person feel sad, angry or disappointed.

When chatting with girls, you will often see their emoticons picking their noses. This doesn't mean that she is picking her nose, usually it's just a naughty or humorous expression. You can deal with this expression by keeping calm, understanding its meaning, responding with a sense of humor, avoiding using this expression and not over-interpreting it. It should be noted that there can be no politically sensitive topics and no fake news can be published. I hope the above content will be helpful and make you laugh when chatting!

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