Adding WeChat prologue for the first time, five correct ways to open it

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wechat has become an inseparable part of people's lives, and it is far more than just a chat tool. With the development of WeChat, we can find more interesting content, make more friends and better understand people and things around the world. Adding WeChat for the first time is a door to open this new world. It is particularly important to say hello to strangers in the correct opening remarks.

Adding WeChat prologue for the first time, five correct ways to open it

correct opening method

The first step to make strangers leave a good impression on you is to make them happy. Next, I will list five correct ways to open it:

1. Start with common interests

Now that you have become good friends, everyone must have their own hobbies, such as watching movies, listening to music, sports, etc. You can start with the common hobbies and talk to each other. If you all happen to like science fiction movies, have you seen the movie "Peninsula"? It's really good!

When sharing, you can also actively recommend your favorite works. For example, I heard that you especially like music. I've been listening to a singer named XX recently. Have you heard his songs? You can listen to it together.

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Adding WeChat prologue for the first time, five correct ways to open it

Shared happiness will not only enhance our relationship, but also make people more willing to chat with you.

2. Send a funny little joke

humorous people are always popular. You can make each other laugh by sending a funny little joke when chatting.

For example, "I heard that you are a young man who likes to start a business. Let me share a joke with you first. Starting a business is very similar to falling in love. At first, you will love it to death, then you have to let go, and then you start talking about starting a business with other people."

this kind of joke is not only humorous, but also has the effect of brain opening. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during chatting will also make each other more willing to open new topics.

3. Arouse each other's curiosity

People are always curious. Maybe you can subtly introduce some new things that don't often appear in each other's topic. For example, you recently collected an antique cultural relic and know something interesting in this field. Let's talk about it.

if you are engaged in creative design, when talking about your recent projects, you can try to guide the other person to have some interest in experience: one of my recent projects is to help the audience through VR technology? I can show you now if I watch the game scene personally!

by arousing the curiosity of the other person, you can also successfully open a topic with the other person.

4. Learn to praise sincerely

When you are chatting with each other, you should always praise and encourage them at the right time. Girls are generally sensitive to this. As long as they can move their hearts, they will naturally be willing to chat with you more, and they will become more receptive to any opinions and suggestions you put forward.

For example, when you are chatting with the other person, the other person mentions some minor issues at work or family life. You can try something like this: "After listening to you, I think you are very capable and responsible." .

Adding WeChat prologue for the first time, five correct ways to open it

Learning to praise others sincerely is a very clever social tool.

5. Don't show off easily

when you meet a stranger, a good first impression is very important. When chatting, don't put too much emphasis on yourself, and remember the truth that "no one likes a person who thinks he is good". It will only be boring to show off what he has done.

If you do have excellent work experience or outstanding achievements, there is no need to constantly emphasize these advantages when others don't need to know, which will give others a bad feeling of "why should I listen to you show off yourself".

remember: expressing your situation honestly and honestly, plus not demanding, will better open communication with strangers.

To be a successful chatterbox, you need to pay attention to your every word, learn to use some social tools, and communicate with each other in a more sincere and natural way in order to achieve better results.

I believe that from the first time you added WeChat, you will find more and more like-minded friends through the above correct opening methods.

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