Girls depend on one person's performance, and a girl who depends on you will have these performances.

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In love, girls often become dependent, throw all their emotions into you, and become completely dependent on you. She may be very cute to you, but you need to give her more love and care. Let's see what a girl who relies on you will do.

Girls depend on one person

1. You need to keep in touch at all times

For a girl who depends on you, she needs to know your whereabouts at all times and you need to keep in touch. She may call you every morning and evening to confirm your daily schedule. If you don't reply to her message for a long time, she may feel uneasy and anxious.

This is not to say that she doesn't trust you, but because she has too deep feelings for you and wants you to know her existence at any time. As a boyfriend, you also need to actively reply to her information so that she can feel your concern and care.

besides phone calls and text messages, video and voice are also good contact methods. Because through sound and pictures, we can feel each other's emotional communication and make the contact more intimate.

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you shouldn't indulge her dependence in order to make her feel at ease. If you have an appointment with a friend or her, you should tell her in advance and let her know your schedule, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and quarrels.

Girls depend on one person

2. Whatever you say

A girl who depends on you will listen to you very much, and will hardly have conflicts and differences with you. She will think that you are right and not wrong. If you say she didn't do well, she will think it's her fault, not yours.

Although it is a good thing to listen to you, this complete dependence may also lead to her losing herself. She may rely too much on your decisions and suggestions in the face of problems, instead of thinking and solving them well. If you find that she has such a problem, you should help her find a solution to make her more independent and confident.

You also need to fully respect her opinions and suggestions and make her feel respected and understood. When you make a decision, you need to listen to her thoughts and opinions and make the best decision together.

3. Emotions are easily affected

A girl who relies on you is more susceptible to emotional fluctuations, and may fall into emotional trough or jump with excitement because of trivial matters. Their emotions are easily influenced by depression, anxiety and frustration.

You need to be more tolerant and understanding of her feelings, so that she can feel cared for and comforted.

When she falls into an emotional trough, you need to listen to her heart patiently, give her warmth and comfort, and help her out of the predicament. If she is as excited as a child, you need to accept her excitement and share her joy.

4. The focus of life is all on you

For a girl who depends on you, you are the center of her life. She is not demanding of herself. She spends almost all her time and energy on you, ignoring other important things. Her circle of friends has become smaller, social activities have decreased, and the whole life revolves around you.

you need to let her know that what she relies on is not your money and material things, but your love and care. When she neglects her life, you need to remind her to pay attention to her life and cultivate her hobbies and interests. You need to make her realize that an independent woman is more attractive.

You also need to give her enough care and companionship to make her feel that her presence is very valuable to you. Go on a trip, watch a movie, exercise or go shopping together, and share the little things in life with her.

Girls depend on one person

5. show your love more and more weakly

a girl who relies on you to express her love may become a habit, not a sincere expression. Because she thought you wouldn't leave her, she forgot to express her feelings with her heart. She may stop saying "I love you", giving you warm hugs and trying to surprise you, and you may even feel that her feelings for you have faded.

You need to make her realize again the importance of expressing her feelings and let her know that you need her performance to feel her love and attachment. You can also surprise her often, such as buying flowers, preparing a romantic date and giving her a special gift, which will make her feel amazing and taken care of.

love needs two people to run it together. When you find that a girl becomes too dependent on you, it is also a moment when you need to carefully manage their feelings.

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