How to say hello to girls and chat can have a good impression on you

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In the era of modern social media, it is extremely difficult for many boys to greet and chat with strange girls. Faced with such a problem, what we need to do is to find some ways to attract girls' attention and have a good impression on you, so as to better carry out real communication.

How to say hello to girls and chat can have a good impression on you

1. Say hello in a polite way

To attract girls' attention, you need to be as polite as possible and try to avoid using vulgar language. When you meet a girl and want to start a conversation, a warm and polite greeting will definitely impress her. You can try some classic greetings, such as: Hi, how are you?

You can also get inspiration from girls' personal data and try out some greetings with similar themes. For example, when the background of a girl's photo is Sun Beach, you can try this greeting: Your photo looks super good. Where did you take it?

Greeting in a polite way is a good starting point, which can help you build a good communication foundation.

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2. Use humor to break the deadlock

How to say hello to girls and chat can have a good impression on you

Even though you have said hello to the girl, sometimes there may be some embarrassing moments in the chat. At this time, it will be very effective to break the deadlock with some humorous language. By doing something fun and interesting, you can win the favor of girls.

You can find some humorous inspiration through the hobbies in girls' materials. For example, if a girl mentions her love for comedies in her introduction, you can tell her that you also love comedies and recommend some funny programs to her. Similarly, if a girl likes animals, you can show her your cute pet.

Chatting in a humorous way can make girls feel relaxed and happy and have a good impression on you.

3. Show sincere concern for girls

When you talk to a girl, you should show your sincere concern as much as possible and listen to her answer carefully. In this way, you can make a girl feel that she is really cared about, thus establishing contact and trust.

When talking to a girl, you can also ask her some interests and hobbies, especially those you don't know yourself. In this way, you can better understand a girl's preferences and find out what you have in common with her.

A person who is full of sincere care is easy to gain trust and win the favor of others, so girls will deepen their impression of you by moving towards a reasonable way of conversation and communication.

4. Let girls show their strengths

Everyone has his own advantages, and when you help a girl have a chance to show her own advantages, it will make her feel greatly encouraged and supported.

When you are chatting with a girl, you can ask her something about herself, such as: Is there anything in particular you want to do? What do you like to do best? Do you have any special opinions or things that support understanding? These questions are designed to let girls naturally show you their personality and uniqueness.

In this way, you can not only get to know girls better, but also make girls feel that they are valued, which will dampen their accumulated inferiority complex and deepen their affection for you.

5. communicate by talking about topics of common concern

How to say hello to girls and chat can have a good impression on you

When you want to build deeper ties, you need to build a relationship of mutual support and trust by talking with girls about some topics of common concern.

You can look for things you care about with girls, so as to establish common interests. For example, greening, environmental protection, current affairs, science and technology are the most concerned topics in today's society, because everyone can gain knowledge from them and improve their thinking, so as to interact with girls intellectually.

If you can establish contact through some issues of common concern, you will naturally have in-depth and high-quality communication in future chats and exchanges.

By greeting and communicating with girls in the above ways, you can establish contact and communication more naturally, concentrate on listening to their dreams, hobbies and ideas, and lay a better foundation for your future communication and conversation.

I hope the above suggestions will help you and help you to be more confident and successful in communicating with girls!

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