Ten women who are not suitable for marriage (what kind of women are not suitable for marriage)

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Getting married is a major event in life, and it is very important to choose the right partner. Some women are not suitable for marriage. Here are ten kinds of women who are not suitable for marriage.

Ten women who are not suitable for marriage (what kind of women are not suitable for marriage)

1. Independent women

Independent women often don't need to rely on men to live. They usually base their sense of self-worth on work, freedom and career. For these women, being with the other half will be bound, which may bring them great dissatisfaction and resistance. If you are a strong independent woman, you need to carefully consider whether marriage is suitable for you.

If you don't think marriage is suitable for you, you can choose to enjoy a single life and pursue your dreams and goals.

But if you decide to go into marriage, you need to realize that you need to give up control of some things. Share your work and financial situation with your partner and let him participate in your life plan.

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if you can't do this, you may not be a good wife.

Ten women who are not suitable for marriage (what kind of women are not suitable for marriage)

to establish a stable relationship with the other half, we need not only mutual respect and support, but also tolerance and accommodation.

2. A woman with perfect appearance

seeing other people's lives on social media and TV always looks perfect. If you live with someone, you will find that she is not perfect.

if you pursue superficial perfection, it is difficult for you to meet your expectations, and you may become dissatisfied, critical and harsh. When your partner can't meet your expectations, you may want to cheat or divorce.

you should find people who are in line with your values and live with those who have reached a consensus through common experiences and mutual respect.

Remember that everyone has shortcomings, and you should learn to accept and love all of her, not just her strengths.

3. Career women

Career-oriented women usually have strong enterprising spirit and desire to succeed. These goals are often incompatible with the family.

if you want to succeed in your career, you may need to sacrifice your married life and family time.

You may also make a smart decision to build a marriage and career with your partner. The key is that you need to open the other half to participate in your life and support your career.

understand the corresponding sacrifices and inconveniences. Your family and career depend on the other half-two people must work together, cooperate with each other and find a balance.

4. Wandering women

Ten women who are not suitable for marriage (what kind of women are not suitable for marriage)

slutty women are often famous in society. But if you are such a person, you will encounter many difficulties and problems in marriage.

The independence and unfaithfulness of a dissolute woman in marriage are directly opposite to each other. If you think that married life is just an event, not a long-term relationship, then you are not suitable for marriage.

You may also lose control of your emotions and cheat on your partner, which will bring greater risks and instability to your marriage.

if you can't keep your emotions and behaviors, you may not be able to find a stable partner and marriage.

5. Immature women

excessive dependence on others, emotional loss of control, and making decisions without considering future consequences are all immature manifestations.

If you are an immature woman, you may not be able to build strong relationships with other people, and you may not be able to take on the responsibilities of an adult.

Immature women may not know how much time, energy and attention a family needs. At the same time, we can't bear the responsibility of gestating and raising children with the other half.

if you can't take these responsibilities, you shouldn't get married.

Mature women have gone through the process of self-exploration, overcoming difficulties and taking responsibility, which has laid a solid foundation for their marriage and family.

6. Time-consuming and laborious woman

You are a person who always needs the attention of others, and often needs a lot of care, attention and time.

Ten women who are not suitable for marriage (what kind of women are not suitable for marriage)

If you become a "vase" instead of a mature woman, then you may be a great burden to the other half.

Mature women know how to pay attention to the needs of the other half and try to meet his needs as much as possible, instead of exhausting his time and energy.

7. visionary

Fantasists often regard their lives as movies, novels or romantic fairy tales. But real life is often dirty and boring, which does not meet the standards of fantasy.

If you are a visionary, you may not be able to adapt to the challenges in your married life. For example, submitting to someone's body and mind may be more difficult than expected, and it also needs to be paid and accommodated.

Marriage needs realistic efforts, and it needs to take responsibility for each other's housework, and don't blame the other half with overly romantic expectations at any time.

8. Familialist

Familialists tend to focus on their families. Such people may care too much about their families and traditions and ignore their personal needs.

If you are a familist, in marriage, you may make your partner feel alienated, which will hurt your feelings.

In marriage, you need to balance your concern for family and individuals. You need to share your professional and personal interests, ideas and expectations, so that your partner can get to know you better.

9. Emotional control freak

Emotional control freaks try to control their own and others' emotions. They try to force their feelings with others to keep at a certain level, which is usually unhealthy.

Ten women who are not suitable for marriage (what kind of women are not suitable for marriage)

if you are an emotional control freak, you shouldn't get married. Because your marriage will be controlled and oppressed by your emotions, rather than mutual respect and support.

whether your partner and yourself are aware of this or not, you must be aware of the influence of your actions on others. You should find appropriate ways to manage your emotions with the help of mental health.

10. Comfortable person

An easy-going person likes to immerse himself in his comfort zone and is unwilling to take risks or face challenges. They prefer a comfortable and comfortable life, which is a bad attitude towards life.

This attitude towards life is not conducive to married life, because marriage requires two people to live together and face challenges in marriage.

In marriage, you need to make long-term consideration for your life planning, family finance and raising children. If you are an easy-going person, you may not be able to overcome these difficulties.

Marriage is not a necessity in life, but it is a part of life. If you are not sure whether you are suitable for marriage, you can try to establish a close relationship with others and gradually feel the happiness and challenges brought by married life.

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