The reason why 30-year-old women are difficult to marry-repentance of women over 30 years old

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In our society, when a woman is over 30 years old, she will become an "older woman", and it is difficult to get married, which is condemned by social pressure and public opinion. So why is it difficult for a 30-year-old woman to marry? What factors have caused this problem? This paper will analyze this problem from many angles and talk about the repentance of older women.

The reason why 30-year-old women are difficult to marry-repentance of women over 30 years old

First, the bondage of social concepts

In the traditional concept of China, the value of a woman lies in marrying. Women's age and marriage have become one of the important criteria for whether they are recognized and accepted by society. 30 years old is a mature age for women, but many people still think that 30-year-old women are "leftover women" because of the shackles of various old concepts, and it is strange not to get married, which forms a psychological barrier. The influence of this concept comes not only from society, but also from women themselves. Many women will feel that they are hopeless after reaching a certain age, thus setting limits for themselves.

In fact, with the development of society, people pay more and more attention to women's self-worth and ability, especially in cities. More and more women no longer take marriage and childbirth as their only life goal, but pursue a higher and richer life. It takes time and social recognition to change this concept, so it still takes some time to abandon men's traditional cognition of "women's position".

The bondage of social concept is an important obstacle for women to transform their own values. I hope that women can change their self-awareness and realize that marriage is not the only way out in their lives.

second, the aggravation of economic pressure

The reason why 30-year-old women are difficult to marry-repentance of women over 30 years old

In modern society, the abundance of material conditions is one of the basic requirements for marriage. With the development of social economy, the living standards of young people are getting higher and higher, and the prices are rising, which brings more and more economic pressure to young people's marriage. Take the house as an example. The housing prices in many big cities are already ridiculously high. Coupled with the cost of weddings, wedding rings and wedding dresses, many young people are discouraged.

This situation has a greater impact on women over 30. Traditionally, men are the main source of support for their families, while women are the auxiliary. However, in the workplace of modern society, women's employment opportunities and income levels are different from those in the past, and more and more women are economically independent. However, even if a woman has financial security, she always feels that a man has the obligation to be supported for herself and her other half to buy a house and get married. Moreover, women often have more family and work pressures to deal with in middle age. These pressures make many women prefer to give up marriage and family rather than drag themselves down.

We should focus on social and economic development for women and create a broader platform and more career opportunities for them. At the same time, we should also treat the material conditions of married life rationally. What women need is an equal and comfortable married life, not just material assistance.

III. Influence of state causes

Many women will change their figure, face value, etc. for various reasons after they reach the age of 30, and their emotional concepts will also drop sharply. These factors also affect their possibility of getting married. Especially for women who love beauty, the age of 30 represents the ticking of the physiological clock, and they see their peers getting married one by one, but they are dreaming in the boudoir and have anxiety shadows.

In fact, when women reach middle age, they need to be comforted and relied on more. The figure and face value can be improved by means of exercise, maintenance and medical beauty, and the quality will become better. At this time, women should pay more attention to their own mentality and maintain a confident and optimistic attitude, so that happiness can be ushered in. At the same time, they should also choose those who will cherish themselves, rather than those who simply pay attention to appearance.

It is an objective phenomenon that the state causes affect the possibility of a woman getting married. We must pay attention to the balance between beauty and heart, recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, and face the challenges of life more confidently.

Fourth, the relaxation of time

Time is a thread that runs through life, and everyone needs some time to experience growth and experience. For women, marriage is undoubtedly one of the important experiences in life, but marriage is not only for getting married well, but also for shouldering the responsibility of life. And this kind of responsibility needs to go through the baptism of time, twists and turns and growth before it can be more mature. Just because women don't get married after a certain age doesn't mean they will die alone.

waiting is a kind of value. Women should learn to wait for the right person and should not choose the wrong person for marriage. In the process of waiting, they should constantly improve themselves and make themselves better and more attractive, so as to attract better people. Think of this process as an opportunity for self-improvement and growth, which may leave a better life for yourself.

V. Repentance of Older Women

In the life experiences of many older women, we can also read some warm-hearted stories. They may have been anxious and struggling for a long time, and even once put their hopes on unreliable objects, but in the end, they found the right person, entered the marriage hall and gained happiness.

The reason why 30-year-old women are difficult to marry-repentance of women over 30 years old

These stories tell us that there is no absolute right or wrong on the road of life. Don't force it, and don't be eager for quick success. We should look for our other half with a more open and frank attitude, and constantly improve and improve ourselves in the pursuit of self-worth. At the same time, we also hope that our society can put down romantic and outdated concepts and stereotypes and accept more diversified views on love and marriage and family models, so that both men and women can live more freely and happily.

There are many reasons why it is difficult for a woman to get married after the age of 30, but marriage is not the most important thing in her life. Everyone's life is different. I hope every woman can bravely walk out of her own path and shape her happiness with her heart and ability.

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