What are the characteristics of a selfish man in his bones (a selfish man in his bones is generally family of origin)

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nowadays, many men appear to be very gentlemanly and tolerant, but in fact they hide their selfish nature. These selfish men often have a close relationship with family of origin. The following will discuss the characteristics of these men one by one.

What are the characteristics of a selfish man in his bones (a selfish man in his bones is generally family of origin)


Men who are selfish at heart always lack enough patience to deal with problems. They usually take short-term actions to meet their own needs and ignore long-term planning. This impulsive behavior often prevents them from facing long-term responsibilities and commitments, and also prevents them from paying attention to the needs of people they care about.

These men tend to be deeply disgusted with the word patience, thinking that it is just annoying and procrastinating everywhere. When faced with any difficulty, they don't want to analyze the problem or try to solve it, but they are preoccupied with how to avoid it as soon as possible, and are likely to give up or bypass it directly.

These men are not fit to take the leading role in the family or take the position of leaders. In fact, in interpersonal communication, impatient men often become "clock men". They have a strong sense of time. In order to save time as much as possible, they will make a clear plan and arrangement, and always act according to this plan, unable to accept changes and setbacks.

lack of responsibility

What are the characteristics of a selfish man in his bones (a selfish man in his bones is generally family of origin)

Men who are selfish at heart often lack a sense of responsibility. They prefer to see the sweetness and benefits of life rather than face pressure and difficulties. They are unwilling to take any form of responsibility, which makes life difficult to manage and control. When faced with family responsibilities, they tend to avoid them and try to find other ways to get rid of them quickly.

In this way, these men will still be deeply disturbed by family relationships. They can't trust themselves or others, and they can't establish stable relationships. Although this man may want to establish real contact with his family members, he is a drag on his family and cannot make any meaningful contribution because of his lack of sense of responsibility.

As a result, these men are often isolated and not appreciated and loved by others. Small families often want to break up with such men at parties or special occasions. This behavior will make them avoid participating in family activities or forgetting family relationships, which is not a good way to deal with it in the long run.

lack of compassion

Men who are selfish at heart often lack sympathy. They usually only pay attention to their own interests and needs, and are unwilling to make efforts to understand other people's feelings. They can't understand the value of care and responsibility to the human spirit, and they can't feel the importance of interpersonal relationships.

this kind of unsympathetic behavior will only stimulate others and make them reluctant to associate with these men, even their closest relatives. With these men, others often feel exhausted and unable to control their relationships. This lack of compassion will have a negative impact on other people's mental health and interpersonal relationships.

a selfish man at heart must make efforts in this kind of behavior. They must realize their mistakes and try to establish interpersonal relationships with more positive and common human care.

love dominates

Men who are selfish at heart often indulge in domination and power. They pursue power and try to establish their leadership position in all interpersonal relationships. In their family environment, they usually occupy a dominant position and despise the opinions and suggestions of family members.

Although this desire for control may create outstanding performance in their professional field, it is inappropriate and harmful in human relations. These men often destroy interpersonal relationships, blame others, and try to completely control other people's behaviors and thoughts.

This kind of behavior will undoubtedly have a destructive impact on family life, making family members feel dark, anxious and isolated. In a healthy family, men and women should share the family responsibilities equally, rather than anyone trying to control the rights in the family.

lack of positive values

What are the characteristics of a selfish man in his bones (a selfish man in his bones is generally family of origin)

Men who are selfish at heart often lack positivity and sense of responsibility. They may have improper behavior, and they can't correctly establish values and life goals. They are usually dissatisfied with others and try to control their actions.

This means that selfish men at heart will lack their own strength and purpose. They usually show a passive economy and destructive behavior, which also ensures that they cannot establish and maintain healthy family relationships. When their behavior has no positive values, they will feel lonely, helpless and sad.

Men who are selfish at heart often bury this behavior in family of origin. In order to establish healthy interpersonal and family relationships, we must recognize these shortcomings and try to change our behavior and attitude.

It's time for my family and my future to let these shortcomings escape into nothingness and pursue a sunny, peaceful and happy life. This will be our greatest success, and our achievements and inner strength will guide us to take appropriate actions.

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