How to Improve Emotional Intelligence -8 Ways to Teach You to Be a Chatter.

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EQ refers to the intelligence, knowledge and ability of human beings to feel for themselves and others. Generally speaking, having a higher EQ can help us better understand ourselves and others and make our social skills better. How to improve emotional intelligence, many people may not be able to start. This article will introduce some methods to make you easy to be a chat person.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence -8 Ways to Teach You to Be a Chatter.


Listening is an important part of social skills. It can help us understand others, grasp information, and build better interpersonal relationships. To listen well, we must first make it clear that the purpose of listening is to understand others, not to evaluate or interfere with others' behaviors/ideas. Here are some specific methods:

first concentrate, and then ask the other person to express his thoughts, emotions or stories, while staying focused.
After listening, repeat what the other person said in your own words. This can confirm that you understand what they mean and give a clear response.
Give encouragement and support. Listening can reduce the pressure on others, because they get someone who knows them.

master your emotions

in social situations, it is very important to master your emotions. We need to avoid emotional overexposure and maintain a positive attitude. Emotional management includes but is not limited to the following points:

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learn to be aware of your emotions and behaviors. When we don't control our emotions, we may make wrong decisions.
Think independently. We can't let emotions influence our thinking and actions, especially when we encounter challenges and pressures.
Learn to deal with emotional people. Sometimes we meet people who can't control their emotions. We need to remain independent, and don't be bothered by their influence or even lose control of our emotions.

practice empathy

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence -8 Ways to Teach You to Be a Chatter.

to be a sociable person, we also need to learn empathy. Empathy means empathizing with others and seeing things from their perspective. This can make us listen, understand and respond to others better. Here are some ways to practice empathy:

try to put yourself in the other person's shoes. This can help us see some things that we neglected before.
Try to understand other people's emotions. To do this, we need to pay more attention to other people's body language and facial expressions.
Use your own experience and knowledge to reveal and solve each other's problems.

learn to control your emotional reactions

We should also learn to keep calm when we are in high spirits. In social situations, sometimes external factors will trigger our emotional reactions. Here are some ways to control emotional reactions:

learn to take deep breaths, which helps to relieve emotional tension.
Be aware of your emotions and take positive actions to solve them. Otherwise, the emotional reaction will become an uncontrollable behavior in some cases.
Looking for support. Whether it is emotional support or technical support, we need to know that we have someone to turn to.

establish close friendship

establishing close friendship will make people have higher social skills and emotional intelligence, and this relationship will make us feel safe and comfortable. Here are some ways to build close friendship:

Start with small things and talk to family, colleagues and neighbors.
Show your positive side and try to share your interests, wishes and achievements with people.
Actively participate in large and small social activities and establish new social circles.

learn to recognize emotional signals

People with high EQ can recognize other people's emotional signals well, which helps them to understand others better. Here are some ways to identify emotional signals:

observe other people's body language and facial expressions. Their performance will prompt their emotional state.
Listen to them. Language and voice can also help us to better judge the emotional state of others.
Knowing the background helps to better understand the situation and emotions.

learn to speak correctly

In the process of improving EQ, it is also very important to learn how to speak correctly. Here are some ways to learn to speak correctly:

simplify the text. Avoid using long, meaningless or difficult sentences.
Repeat what you say. This way can make others understand us better.
Pay attention to tone. Our tone should reflect our confidence, respect and friendliness.

stay optimistic

In social situations, we need to take a positive attitude to deal with all kinds of situations. Here are some ways to stay optimistic:

looking for a steady stream of motivation. We need ways to adjust our emotions, such as listening to music and practicing yoga.
Give yourself encouragement.
See difficulties as challenges, not obstacles.

Improving EQ is a long-term process, but the benefits are worthwhile. No matter how high our EQ is now, we can always do better through study, practice and constant reflection on ourselves.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence -8 Ways to Teach You to Be a Chatter.

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